Tour of Penncellvania Cellsburg Essay

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Tour of Penncellvania Cellsburg

Im a tourist as you can see, but I will be taking you on a tour of Penncellvania Cellsburg. Penncellvania Cellsburg is a beautiful and amazing city just off the Mediterranean Sea. Also, everything in the city relates to cells, as we will learn on our tour today. Today the tour is about cells relating to the parts of a city.

Over to the right is the entrance to the city limits, the city limits is, the limits of the area occupied by a city or town, our city limits goes passed the Cellsburg highway to the cell warehouse and you will find the entrance to the city limits. The city limits go pretty far. Also, the cellular lark protects the city from any harm or enemies we have exactly four soldiers around the cellular lark on each corner. Their job is to make sure you are safe and you keep the city safe. The cellular lark also makes sure you stay inside the city limits, because if you go out of the city limits you have a higher chance of being harmed by enemies.

Next, we will be heading over to the Golgi bodies, the ribosome, and the Cellsburg highway. Their task is all pretty much the same. The lumber gets sent through the Golgi bodies to be sent elsewhere then the Golgi bodies repackage the lumber then they get sent through the cells burg highway to be used for homes, or firewood. The most important job to get the lumber around is the Cellsburg highway, the highway is always crammed so it takes forever to get to the right place on time. So we have to make sure the Golgi bodies are on time to.

Furthermore we will be heading over to the lysosomes and the vacuole, which need each other for their task to succeed. The lysosomes is a recycler it recyclers all the burnt lumber or the extra waste found around the city, but if some waste can’t be recycled then where is the waste suppose to go? Well the waste will go to the vacuole which is the garbage dump that place is never really full because we try are best to keep only recyclable objects in our city but we have people from other cities visit leaving their waste for us to clean up. Which we can’t let people not visit because then we will have people leave Penncellvania Cellsburg.

Lastly, we will be heading over to the most important part of the city the mitochondria and the chloroplasts. They are both plants, but one comes from the sun and the other plant is an energy plant. Which is which? Well we will tell you right now. The chloroplast is the solar energy plants which conduct heat off the sun. The mitochondria are an energy plant that produces food for itself. We mostly have onions as energy plants because they are underground so they produce their own food from the soil given to them.

Well, that concludes are tour for today we hope you guys all like Penncellvania Cellsburg and wish to come back even if just visiting enjoy your night. If you know anyone you likes to visit then please remind them to bring recyclable objects.

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