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Think Piece

There’s a disorder called mythomaniac disorder that’s when people go on lying forever until they are indeed living in a lie. These people actually believe the lies they say. Sometimes when I listen to a song that has nothing to do with my life I adapt it to my life and get really angry if the singer is feeling that way or romantic if that’s the case. It happens to me so often that I thought that I was somehow a mythomaniac, but just lying to myself not to the world. Later I gave it a second thought and realized how stupid it sounded. I said to myself “Malu, you are crazy. You cannot hear from a disorder without thinking you have it” so I started to think that I was a hypochondriac. Anyway, I act really calm to these situations. I just believe I have the diseases, but I say to myself I don’t. That’s how I realized I wasn’t actually a hypochondriac.

Once I was genuinely preoccupied for my health. I thought I had diabetes because most of my father’s family does and so I had myself checked and it turned out I am just perfect, but still at risk for my tendency. After realizing I am completely paranoid, I did conclude something. I realized that not only me, but many people like to pretend that they live a more interesting life than they actually do. Of course some pretend to a larger extent. Some, like me, just like to lie to themselves to either pretend their lives are completely perfect or tremendously lousy just to avoid facing reality or to believe they are more interesting by having a rough life. Of course there are other people that enjoy making others as well as themselves believe something different from the reality they are living in. In short terms the first case could be described maybe as a lack of self esteem or insecurity and the second one is no more than reputation which falls down to the same category of lack of self esteem because someone who likes how he or she is doesn’t need any one else’s opinion.

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