“The Startling plight of China’s Leftover Ladies” by Christina Larson

In her article “The Startling plight of China’s Leftover Ladies,” Christina Larson did not focus on reveal the truth of what caused harsh marriage condition in China, but on the plain facts about the social phenomenon written in a irony way. She claims that education and economic boom made women more critical therefore they couldn’t find a spouse. But Larson’s argument is unconvincing because her evidences are collected from individuals and lack of comprehensive understanding of Chinese culture.

In the passage, Larson mentioned several times about well-educated women stand for the least chance to get married, her words may mislead readers to think that men will get frightened by a woman’s degree. In fact, this is a self-mockery joke written by a female PHD student on social media, she was complaining her overwhelmed work took over her personal time. Plus, education brings free mind and critical thinking to the modern women, they know what’s best for them.

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And educated women concern children will come with family, and they will be the central of their life, take away or minimize their personal life. Larson did bring the general picture to the reader, but she miscounts the thoughts of educated women.

While Larson listing facts about examples that few Chinese women are eager to get married, she lost tract of what caused this social conundrum. The pressure from women’s family is the main reason that why many women are so anxious about getting married. At a certain age, their family member (usually the mother) starting to worry their children’s marriage, so they set up many blind dates for their daughters.

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For many times, without there acknowledge. While the parents getting aggressive, they will bring marriage as the topic for every conversation they can have. Family pressure aside, many indecent men in China’s society is another reason of what caused harsh marriage condition for women. Marrying to the wrong man will cause endless domestic issues, and a harmony family is what everyone wants.

Larson may be right that education and economic boom made women critical about finding spouse, but she ignores the facts what really cause this phenomenon is China’s traditional mind, and women are being critical is because they know what’s the best for them.

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“The Startling plight of China’s Leftover Ladies” by Christina Larson

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