The Role Of TVET (Technical And Vocational Education) On Developing Youth’s Entrepreneurial Activity In Urban Combodia

Based on the findings on integrated pedagogy in vocational education using a three-tier approach to empowering vulnerable youth in urban combodia, its show that just about 0.7% of the country’s labour force comes from public provided VE institutes (kings and palmer 2007) (Ilo, 200: Mahmood, 2005) for a simultaneously VE pedagogy to provide a care responsibility and economic necessity for their families and community, the VE pedagogy need to be delivered in a more equitable way. To empowered young vulnerable youth, the TVET education philosophy need to respond to the skills needed for the unemployment by concrete intervention through:

Skill and knowledge;
New demand for or market.

From the reviewed article I found that, in section 1, NGOs as an intermediary for transferring resources (3) in section (2,4) relevant knowledge and skills to convey.

I have drawn a conlution from this article by seen a gap between TVET and motivation. The dissemination of knowledge, convergence of resources, and other market demands need to be triggered by motivation.

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These should be a need of harmonising motivation the pedagogy and quality. In section 4.1 of the reviewed article, the pedagogy constitutes relationship developments and rehabilitation and this seem to be a key to motivate combodia young people from the outset. The three-tier approach shows that a divisions delivering academic and vocational knowledge seen no longer appropriate in combodia. So the implication is that learning in workplaces, as elaborated in section 4.3 need to be supplemented by the markets itself where the students engaging in TVET can be exposed to the ideas of competencies and other business that are relevant to some specific enterprise which are found to build up personal enterprise networks.

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The curriculum need to have competent implementers who must be committed and good character possessed. (Teachers) and the content should be carefully selected for dissemination of knowledge within an inclusive and empowering environment. Ultimately play a precise role to convince TVET students and stimulate their motivation to acquire more advance knowledge.

Finally, the pedagogy of the three-tier approach is capable to provide employment for the growth of combodia when the TVET education system combine the demand of the labour markets by supporting the students process of empowerment. This could be achieved when the young ones are encouraging by providing them with opportunities to practice by participating and experiencing throughout the period of TVET learning activities. The three-tier approach therefore need to open appropriate context pedagogy which will comprise the 6 findings identified. 

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