Van Gogh's Red Vineyard: A Tapestry of Color and Harmony

Vincent Can Gogh painted The Red Vineyard in 1888, a long time after Paul Gauguin arrived in Arles, France. Paul Gauguin was the artist that Van Gogh appreciated many. Van Gogh desired to be similar to Gauguin and become well-known for his artwork. As the weeks passed, Gauguin moved his easel out into the fields surrounding Arles, and van Gogh followed.

The Red Vineyard combines Vincent's efforts to find out from Gauguin's example with his own interest in color and concept. The diagonal axes that sweep across the foreground to satisfy the high horizon reflect Paul Gauguin's formal technique to composition, but the thickly worked surface area illuminated by a yellow sun in a yellow sky mark Vincent van Gogh's own visual style.

The Red Vineyard was the only painting offered by Van Gogh during his lifetime.

Looking at the painting, you can feel the richness of the color and how they balance the whole masterpiece. Van Gogh utilized the colors of orange and yellow together with green and blue which are comparable but at the same time are complementary with each other.

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It is likewise visible that the lighting is at low angle which somehow gives an impression of an afternoon or sunset theme to the painting. In this painting, it is obvious that there are lines that separate each entity to one another.

Above is a horizontal line that divides the sky to the land and on the ideal side is a curve line that removes the land to the river.

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An implied line that organizes an art work is used in the painting. The peasants are aligned diagonally, horizontally and vertically to each other. The Red Vineyard was painted purely from Van Gogh's memory and imagination, when he took place to pass by a vineyard one night. For me the painting reveals peace and consistency and simpleness of life.

The peasants were generally collecting crops and collecting fish to keep for future usage and as if they are one family working together. In this painting everyone-- male and female - were working harmoniously and doing their part to offer their family and neighborhood. Based upon the time that Van Gogh painted this work of art, I think that his image here reveals a night time of the day and they are most likely getting ready for winter-- a time where crops won't grow since of the weather.

When I looked up Vincent Van Gogh paintings to find a piece of artwork to
write my essay on this was the one that jumped out at me. The colors go together beautifully and it is an all around beautiful painting. When people think about Van Gogh they immediately think of The

Visual Analysis Essay
Sarah Bennett
Starry Night but I know that Van Gogh is a lot more than just one painting. The Red Vineyard is one of the most colorful paintings that Van Gogh has created, it’s detail captures the eye and makes the viewer wonder what Van Gogh wanted to convey.

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Updated: Nov 30, 2023
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