The Pros And the Cons of The Value of a College Education

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The value of a college education is based on your own personal career interests. You may not need college for your profession but others might. Some jobs require a college education, others you will have a better chance of getting the job by having a furthered education. Another reason for getting a college education is if your employer feels the need for you to get one after already getting accepted and having them pay for it.

Some people think that having a college degree is required for a bigger paycheck.

Some people believe that in order to become a higher class is to go to college. As you see in this quote from College is not (and shouldn’t) be for Everyone “The biggest absurdity is that a four-year college degree has become the only gateway into the American middle class.” I believe that there are jobs out there such as the trades that can be just as worth if not more economically beneficial to both you and others but also is way easier than other jobs.

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The best part about these kinds of jobs though is that they do not require the upfront dept and schooling that college careers require.

As this next piece of evidence shows is that more people would emotionally and economically benefit from not attending college. “But, not every young person is suited to four years of college. They might be bright and ambitious but they won’t get much out of it. They’d rather be doing something else, like making money or painting murals.

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” This quote says to me that some people aren’t right for college and would rather be doing something more productive to them and society than learning random nonsense they will forget within a few years. Some people just are cut out for the white collar lifestyle and that's a good thing because we need as a society millions of people to do other jobs than management and others might find the “lesser” jobs more enjoyable and get better paid because they are happy with what they do.

Some people will get sucked into the trap of society though and will still go with the big step and go to college. But, some people don’t always receive the lifestyle that so many people promised them they would get, if they go through with college. Like said in College is not (and shouldn’t) be for Everyone “And all to often the jobs they (people who go to college) land after graduating don’t pay enough to make the degree worthwhile.” This quote is saying that you won’t even get the money back that you spent on college for a long time and since you have to pay off your college loans (unless your parents are rich and payed for it) you will have to live a lesser lifestyle because you will have to put money back in order to move on with life. A ton of people don’t even end up using their degree they just spent so much time, money, and dedication on to get.

As said again in, College is not (and shouldn’t) be for Everyone “Last year, according to the federal reserve bank of New York, 46% of recent college graduates were in jobs that don’t even require a college degree.” This means that 46% of the people that followed what the school system put into play for them just put them tens of thousands of dollars behind in life that they didn’t even need to spend and still ended up in the same position they would have been in as a highschool graduate. This is all too common for people to be force feed college meaning that you have to continuously deny college so that you can both retire 4 years sooner than everyone else and not have to pay off any student loans.

This makes everyone feel that you have to go to college become a white collar worker and yet most people either fail and are miserable or they hate their job and are still miserable. Even though schools have set everyone up to “succeed” and become management staff of companies does not mean that everyone can have those jobs, we still need the people to do the actual work. As stated in once again College is not (and shouldn’t) be for Everyone “For example, the emerging economies will need platoons of technicians able to install, service, and repair all the high-tech machinery filling up hospitals, offices, and factories. What I believe this person is saying is that the up and coming workforce needs people to be able to use, make, implement, maintain, and fix all the things that many people from the average Joe all the way to the president use everyday! Many people don’t really feel like they have a choice though when it comes to college.

A multitude of times you will see this scenario described by this quote from College is not (and shouldn’t) be for Everyone “we continue to push most of our young people through a single funnel called a four-year college education -- a funnel so narrow it’s causing applicants and their parents excessive stress and worry about “getting in;” that’s too often ill-suited and unnecessary, and far too expensive; and that can cause college dropouts to feel like a failure for the rest of their lives. This is just reiterating the fact that some people may be able to get into college but, some people might not even make it all the way through. This still comes with all the wasted time and money though, luckily for these people though they didn’t waste as much as others.

In conclusion there is a vast majority of people that go to college and become successful. Many people work hard to get to these positions and some people just don't have the time, money, patience’ or the work ethic to get to these positions. Many people are very happy and successful with their careers even if they didn’t go to college. Such as some of the richest men in the world they either didn’t go to college or they dropped out. Many people go to college and succeed but, not everyone is successful just because they went to college many are successful on their own.

Updated: Nov 01, 2022
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