The Negative Effects Of Mining On The Quality Of Water in Northern Territory

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Due to mining water quality in Northern Territory has been affected. Mining involves digging up the ground during this process plants are often removed and killed in the process erosion occurs especially after the mine has fully been harvested, erosion causes soil particles to become airborne and mining creates groundwater and surface water contamination with chemicals and toxics in Northern Territory (NT) during wet season the local leaders always complain about how mining is causing soil to be airborne and those chemicals, toxics and soil dust most of the time in wet season are end up in water lakes ponds.

The environmental effects of the mining industry include destruction of natural habitats, changes in river regimes and human water supplying and other serious ecological impacts. Although the industry has succeeded in making improvements, serious problems remain, beginning with the need to reduce the number and severity of accidents. Mining has destroyed natural habitats, polluted the air, soil and water, and produced enormous amounts of waste that can have environmental impacts for decades after mine closure.

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Like increased sediment levels in streams and metal contamination.

Minning changing the quality of water in Northern Territory can be very harmful to environment of human and animals health.Water is an important natural resource used for drinking and other developmental purposes in our lives.Safe drinking water is necessary for human health all over the world. The universal solvent said ''water is a major source of infection''.According to world health organization 80% diseases are water borne.

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Manning with chemicals and toxics can also cause a lot of problems to our environment like for example Depletion of aquatic life including Fish, salamanders, frogs and other aquatic species will begin to dwindle in number, as the acidity and heavy metal content of their habitat increases, Contamination of food chain by way of heavy metals in the water accumulating in the tissues of fish and other creatures. If enough metals collect, it can be toxic to the fish or to a creature that eats the fish. Contamination of drinking water supply via the toxic heavy metals that remain dissolved in the acidic water from the mines. These metals can be ingested by humans through drinking water supplies, causing severe health problems and Deterioration of ecosystems. This website is Australia ABC news website however I find this new article that talk about how Indigenous residents in the Northern Territory mining town of Borroloola are calling on the Health Department to blood test families, amid revelations their water supply has been contaminated with lead the websites also talk about the contamination is a short-term problem, and babies, young children and pregnant woman are most likely to be affected by drinking water with lead in it.

Due Manning changing the water quality can have a negative impact to the Northern Territory fisheries, swimmers, domestic water supply, irrigation, and other uses of streams. Due to manning changing the water quality that can cause and contribute to an increase of mortality and an increase in serious irreversible or incapacitating illness individual. Mining activities can affect quality of life and the physical, mental, and social well-being of local communities. Improvised mining towns and camps often threaten food availability and safety, increasing the risk of hunger. Indirect effects of mining on public health can include increased incidence of tuberculosis, asthma, chronic bronchitis, and gastrointestinal diseases. In 1838 mining started in NT many areas were affected because of landowners they did not have right to be able give their opinion to the government about their land but when Northern Territory act 1870 came out the community leaders and government came with different strategies to help decrease the effect of mining affecting the water ways. as you see the table at the bottom show how NT mining started to be improved decreasing places. The land owner leaders they wanted mining to stop destroying sacred rivers so they came up with these managements strategies.

Before mining can take place, mining companies must get permission from the government. In order to get permission, the mining company is required to have a report of the environment and learn about the community and consult with everyone who will be affected by the proposed mining. The report also must discuss the rights of communities and individuals who are affected by mining, and it discusses the law and processes that must be followed by a mining company before it can start mining. Everyone in Northern Territory has the right to a healthy environment that does not harm their health or well-being. The Constitution says that the environment must be protected for current and future generations. If a mining company wants to mine, it must do so in a way that is sustainable and ensures that future generations can also benefit from Northern Territory resources. Mining company is not allowed to start using water until it has a water use licence.

I have talked with the power water NT on the phone call and they said since 1968 there is been a issue of water being contaminated due from mining in Australia. Due to mining water changing it quality the issue was started to be managed in Northern Territory in 1930 this was when the community consultation in Alice Springs established that there was considerable support for beneficial reuse of treated wastewater. When the strategy of recycling mining water started by David Rossi who is known Water Services, Power and Water Corporation leader he also said recycling mining water treatment solutions will help turn the environmentally negative effect into a positive one. From that time the NT government made a policy for mining institutions to be encouraged to adopt these management’s practices. mining company must use Recycling water processes to ensure new water usage is decreased diverting runoff water to prevent contamination of nearby water sources use Water treatment processes for surface water to process waters and other types of mining water and Implement a constant water management system both during and long after all mining efforts on the sit.

“The Australian Water treatment specialists said the management practices are very important because the will help to protect the water resource and ensure that no harm comes to society as a result of contaminated water. Because the Australian Government has a set of pollution laws that hold corporations and individuals responsible for their role in creating pollution I have tried to Ask the Northern Territory about what the NT government have done in recent to help improve the issue of mining effect the water quality they did not reply my Email so I called them on the phone and they told me what the NT (Northern Territory) government what they have done recent is that they have Shut down unregulated and illegal mines, and at the moment they are Enforcing accurate reporting of dumped toxic wastes and Proper waste clean-up. Right now they are working on Improving mining legislations and regulations, and Encouraging and investing in the development of sustainable mining technology The Northern Territory Government is very sensitive to the environmental impact of mining and acknowledges that long-term effects could become apparent to communities, the natural resources and the landscape. Therefore, both government Australia and Northern Territory are focused on researching and sharing all information obtained on the impact of mining explorations and, if need be, refuse proposals where the risks outweigh the benefits.

The government ensures all laws and policies concerning the environment are adhered to, as well as ensuring that communities will not be adversely affected by mining operations. Australia government has requested Corporations for working with communities and to establish effective working environments for both females and Indigenous groups.How much does the issue impact on people or groups with different values, beliefs and lifestyles.

During the research I came across the NT pollution website NTEPA and it said “60% of Australian mines are close to indigenous communities. In my opinion what the NT government needs to do is For the Future generations they need to safeguard the purity and quantity of our water against irresponsible mineral development. They need to ensure the best pollution prevention strategies are employed in cases where the risks can be managed. They also need to recognize that in some places mining should not be allowed to proceed because the identified risks to other resources, such as water, are too great. Once a mine is in operation water protection must remain the highest goal of the company, even if it means reduced mineral productivity.

Updated: Feb 27, 2024
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