Presidential Candidates' Disagreements on Gun Control and Same-Sex Marriage

In both articles, there was a lot of disagreement between Trump and Clinton on different topics. In article one, they argued on guns. Trumps wants to run a strong defender of gun rights. On the other hand, Clinton wants to take guns away. She just does not want people to be shot by someone who should not have a gun in the first place. She wants to expand on background checks for gun buyers. In the second article, there were many topics where both candidates disagreed.

One topic is LGBT Right. The question, Trump and Clinton disagree on, is do you support the same-sex marriage? Clinton said yes and Trump said no. At the end of the topic there are website to read more about the topic.

In article one, I agree with Clinton with taking away guns. I feel like there's no reason why people should have guns with them. I do not see any issues with guns where I live but watching the news it is bad it some places.

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For an example, in May 2015, a toddle found a hand gun in a car and shot at least 23 people. That is scary. I would feel a lot safer if we took away all guns. In article two I agree with Clinton with supporting the same-sex marriage. People cannot tell a person who they can or cannot love. If two people are in love, they should get married without any law saying they cannot. I did not vote this year because I do not like the candidates that are running for president.

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Even though I agreed with Clinton's gun and same-sex marriage point in paragraph two does not mean I want her as president. Clinton has downfalls too. It is important to vote to get your vote count and to make you voice by heard. But I feel like this year everyone is voting for the candidate who they do not want instead of who they do want to become president and that is just sad. Also, I know there is a lot of people not voting because of the candidates who are running. I am scared to see who will become president.

Updated: May 03, 2023
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