The Childhood and Adolescence of Jeffrey Dahmer

On the night of July 22, 1991, there was one frightfulness was revealed. The police of Milwaukee did not only find rotten smell, but they also found the bodies that were warped in the refrigerator and many human organs, such as heads, limbs and skulls in the cooking pot. There is no doubt, the owner of this room was Jeffrey Dahmer also known as Milwaukee cannibal. Dahmer was not only an American serial killer, but he also was a sexual offender. He had merdered 17 boys and men between 1978 and 1991.

One of the most infamous serial killers was Dahmer because of his reasons why he did the horrible crime like this. His behavior probably differed from other serial killers. This essay describes childhood, adolescents, method of killing, and analyzing behavior of Dahmer.

Dahmer’s Biography

His Childhood

Jeffrey Dahmer was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on May21, 1960. Lionel and Joyce Dahmer were his parents. His family seems to have a perfect background. In fact, it was completely different his father, Lionel who was a chemist and his mother, Joyce who had a mental illness.

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Since his father was always busy with his research that is why he did not care about his family. While Joyce was pregnant she always had a fight with Lionel and she had to take 26pills after she had Jeffrey. Therefore, relationship between Jeffrey and his family did not strong. His family moved and lived in Bath, Ohio. Open forest surrounded the house they lived. Jeffrey had a normal life when he was child.

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He liked being alone rather than being with other children. He was interested in science experiment. Consequently, he liked to take small animal bodies and dissolved them by using acid or pickle formalin which was taken from his father. When he was 6 he had a hernia surgery and then he became being shy and less communicates. He started to have a weird hobby, like storing dead animals’ organ in plastic tanks.

His Adolescent

When he was a teenager he was drinking and he hardly talked to anyone. His school record was worse due to his abnormal mental and his family’s relationship got worse. His parents divorced. Jeffrey felt lonelier and more introvert. Most of his colleagues thought he was freak because he regularly entertained them by making loud or odd noise. People called this prank “doing a Dahmer”. After Dahmer graduated from high school, he had studied in Ohio State University and dropped out. He realized that he was a gay. Dahmer conceived of ravishment. He joined the army, and he was fired before the army contract ended due to his extremely alcoholism. One day, Steven Hicks was invited to Jeffrey’s home. They began to drink some beer, chatted and had sex. Dahmer choked Hicks and smashed his skull. His body was dismembered and some pieces of his body were put in plastic bags. This was the first victim he murdered as he was only 18 years old.

Updated: Feb 02, 2024
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