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Target Corporation Company Analysis

Paper type: Analysis
Pages: 4 (909 words)
Categories: Corporation
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Target Corporation is a professional organization having a half-century record of business track gaining good recognition, reputation and satisfaction in the market. A market chain of 1500 stores is the best evidence for Target success and establishment apart from globalizing the network of Target products to other nations. Target Company has received several awards for promotion of environmental awareness by recycling the used materials and also contributes to the betterment of community as a corporate social responsibility.

The operation and functioning of an organization is dependent on two important aspects. The first being good management and the second good employees. When there is an improper management, the company loses reputation and when there are no good employees, the company’s operations are piled up for execution as a result of which there is a slow down in work affecting the business indirectly. Therefore, in this case study of Target Corporation, both management and employees have been endeavoring persistently to keep up the good business of Target benefiting the company as well the employees.

Seldom, employees enter into conflict with the management unless the company has not been posting profits for long time, or there are no bonuses, salaries or there is mismanagement or when there are no proper HR policies in the company. Target Corporation has an efficient and professional HR department with a view that company cannot sustain without manpower and effective HR policies and strategies.

Management of people, is the biggest and most complex job in management and there is a requirement of lot of skills, strategies, management techniques required by the company, in order to take the work from employees, provide rewards and also keep the goodwill of the company. In many instances, when employees are disappointed, dissatisfied, in work environment, the grievances of employees are overlooked and are never considered by management.

In fact, employees put forth problems boldly only before HR management and are not willing to discuss before any other person or colleague as there is a greater scope for deterioration of good information being conversed as eavesdropping. Therefore, HR department has greater strength to turn the skills of employees to the advantage of company and rewarding the employees suitably for execution of good jobs on the work platform. The job of HR department is quite extensive and meticulous that each piece of information of employees is important for performance evaluation of employees.

As a matter of fact, HR department must encourage employees to speak out, in meetings, committees and workshops to enable HR department to know more about the workforce working of the company, in order to choose employees and assign jobs according to the strengths and weaknesses of employees. This as a matter of fact, satisfies employees also, with a view that each employee record score is intimated as a proof and there is no prejudicial interests against any employee. There are many employees who stay, work and retire from a single company throughout the work tenure, in spite of the fact that the emoluments drawn were low.

One of the reasons for this, could be the recognition and realization of personal strengths beyond which an employee may not be ready to act which is why, decision is taken to settle down in a company and continue honestly to work for the company. This a rare phenomenon and there are many opinions of employees, that can be disclosed before HR department of companies which enables companies to take better decisions, better administering and better HR management for the benefit and growth of the companies.

Often HR department confines itself to salary payments, recruitments and attendance. A macro view if applied in HR department, management of a company gets to know many HR skills available within the employees of company. The success story of Target is an example of efficient HR department which is why 1500 stores are successfully managed with plans to open stores outside nation. Shell company focuses on morale and motivation of employees by building strong relationships with the representatives of employees.

There is a open communication and consultation with Shell staff representatives, for disclosing decisions taken at all levels, and to ensure the participation and contribution of employees in the administering and production of products for the company. Employees and industrial relations is a vast subject area which involves labor laws, employment laws, corporate laws, industrial laws and human resource management. No law can be ignored and no law can override the other. Suitable application of provisions of respective laws are applied for each and every problem that arises in industrial relations.

Especially workers union strike, halt in production or a slow down in production in order to meet the demands of employees. Many a times, management of a company does not agree to accept the demands raised by employees as a result of which, the production suffers. In these times of fast pace technology, no problem is without a solution and management has to seek diligently to find immediate solutions for the problems of employees in order to prevent the suffering of work from the company’s perspective.

HR department must keep working on the evolution of innovative and new management techniques which must provide a definite relief and must give an opinion to employees that decision taken by management is cinch and sounds right.


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