Summary And Analysis Of Their Eyes Were Watching God By Zora Neale Hurston

Janie Crawford, an alluring, certain, moderately aged dark lady, comes back to Florida after three years. The people prattle about her and conjecture about where she has been and what has happened to her young spouse, Tea Cake. Phoebe Watson, Janie’s friend, stands up for her despite all of the cruel rumors. Janie talks with Phoebe about what has happened to Tea Cake at dinner. Janie clarifies that her grandma raised her after her mom kept running off. Her nanny adores her granddaughter and is devoted to her, yet her life as a slave and involvement with her own particular girl, Janie's mom, has distorted her perspective.

Her essential want is to wed Janie as quickly as time permits to a spouse who can give security and societal position to her. She finds a significantly more established rancher named Logan Killicks and demands that Janie wed him. Subsequent to moving in with Logan, Janie is hopeless. Logan is commonsense and unromantic and, as a rule, treats her like a pack donkey.

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At some point, Joe Starks, a smooth-tongued and goal-oriented man, wanders not far off before the ranch. He and Janie are a tease in mystery for two or three weeks previously she keeps running off and weds him. Janie and Jody, as she calls him, travels to all-dark Eatonville, where Jody would like to have a "major voice."

A quintessential legislator, Jody before long prevails with regards to turning into the chairman, postmaster, vendor, and the greatest landowner around the local area.

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Yet, Janie looks for something in excess of a man with a major voice. She before long winds up disenthralled with the dull, smothering life that she imparts to Jody. She wishes that she could be a piece of the rich social life around the local area, yet Jody doesn't enable her to associate with "normal" individuals. Jody considers Janie to be the fitting trimming to his riches and influence, and he attempts to shape her into his vision of what a leader's significant other ought to be. At first glance, Janie quietly submits to Jody; inside, be that as it may, she stays energetic and brimming with dreams.

After just about twenty years of marriage, Janie at last stands up for herself. At the point when Jody affronts her appearance, Janie tears him to shreds before the townspeople, disclosing to them all how terrible and weak he is. In countering, he viciously beats her. Their marriage separates, and Jody turns out to be very sick. After months without cooperating, Janie visits him on his deathbed. Declining to be hushed, she by and by berates him for the manner in which that he treated her. As she castigates him, he kicks the bucket. After Jody's memorial service, Janie feels free without precedent for years. She repels different suitors who come to court her since she cherishes her recently discovered autonomy. Be that as it may, when Tea Cake, a man twelve years her lesser, enters her life, Janie quickly faculties a start of shared fascination. She starts dating Tea Cake regardless of basic talk inside the town. To everybody's stun, Janie at that point weds Tea Cake nine months after Jody's demise, offers Jody's store, and leaves town to run with Tea Cake to Jacksonville. Amid the primary seven day stretch of their marriage, Tea Cake and Janie experience troubles. He takes her cash and disregards her one night, making her believe that he wedded her just for her cash. In any case, he returns, clarifying that he never intended to abandon her and that his robbery happened in a snapshot of shortcoming. Thereafter, they guarantee to impart every one of their encounters and feelings to one another. They move to the Everglades, where they work amid the collect season and associate amid the late spring off-season. Tea Cake's brisk mind and invitingness make their shack the focal point of excitement and social life. A frightful tropical storm blasts into the Everglades two years after Janie and Tea Cake's marriage. As they frantically escape the rising waters, an out of control pooch nibbles Tea Cake.

At the time, Tea Cake doesn't understand the canine's condition; after three weeks, be that as it may, he falls sick. Amid a rabies-actuated episode of franticness, Tea Cake ends up persuaded that Janie is undermining him. He begins discharging a gun at her and Janie is compelled to murder him to spare her life. She is instantly put on preliminary for kill, however the all-white, all-male jury discovers her not blameworthy. She comes back to Eatonville where her previous neighbors are prepared to turn pernicious talk about her conditions, accepting that Tea Cake has abandoned her and taken her cash. Janie wraps up her describing to Phoebe, who is extraordinarily awed by Janie's encounters. Back in her room that night, Janie feels at one with Tea Cake and content with herself. In Their Eyes Were Watching God, Janie reveals her experiences and how they had affected her.

Main Character

Despite the fact that Their Eyes Were Watching God spins around Janie's associations with other individuals, it is as a matter of first importance an account of Janie's look for profound edification and her very own solid feeling. When we first and last observe Janie, she is separated from everyone else. The novel isn't the account of her journey for an accomplice, yet rather that of her mission for a safe feeling of autonomy. Toward the finish of her trip, Janie comes back to Eatonville a solid and glad lady, yet toward the start of her story, she is uncertain of her identity or how she needs to live. When she reveals to her story to Phoebe, she starts with her disclosure under the blooming pear tree — the disclosure that starts her journey. Under the pear tree, she sees an ideal association of congruity inside nature. She realizes that she needs to accomplish this kind of adoration, a correspondence that produces unity with the world, however is uncertain how to continue. Now, she can't lucid even to herself precisely what she needs. At the point when Jody Starks enters her life, he appears to offer the perfect option to the dull and businesslike Logan Killicks. With his aspiring talk, Jody persuades Janie that he will utilize his hunger for triumph to enable her to understand her fantasies, whatever they might be. Janie discovers that Jody's effort of intensity just smothers her. In any case, just before Jody's passing, Janie's stifled power gets through in a downpour of verbal striking back. Her fairly savage tirade at the diminishing Jody estimates the profundity of Jody's concealment of her inward life. Having started to discover her voice, Janie blows through social comforts to convey what needs be. Janie prospers in her association with Tea Cake, as he "shows her the lady dialect everywhere."

Her control of discourse achieves another level as she figures out how to be quiet when she picks. This thought of quiet as quality as opposed to inactivity goes to the bleeding edge amid Janie's preliminary, when the storyteller bypasses her declaration. Exchange has been urgently imperative as yet, and one may anticipate that Hurston will utilize the court scene to feature Janie's hard-won, develop voice. The nonattendance of exchange here, Mary Ellen Washington contends in the foreword present in many versions of the novel, mirrors Hurston's inconvenience with talk for its own particular purpose; Hurston doesn't need Janie's voice to be mistaken for that of the legal counselor or government official. Janie's advancement of her voice is indistinguishable from her inward development, and the show of the court might be excessively imagined, making it impossible to draw out the subtleties of her internal life. Janie abridges the novel's disposition toward dialect.


Notwithstanding the essential commence that racism holds white men as naturally better than blacks, the narrator displays the abused minority as a network whose constituents disguise and regularly proliferate customary supremacist thoughts. The novel demonstrates a dark network torn by sharp envy, prejudice in light of skin color, and a longing to tear down their more fruitful companions. The most essential part of race in Their Eyes Were Watching God is that it endeavors to investigate dark Southern culture. The novel features positive parts of the culture, but it doesn't keep away from looking at the injury of the historical backdrop of dark oppression and the impact that has on dark networks at the turn of the twentieth century.


The setting of this novel is in West Florida; Eatonville, Florida. This novel was likewise situated in the Everglades also in the mid-1900s. This can disclose to us a ton about the history on the foundation of this novel. Slavery in the southern United States, however abrogated when of Janie's life, majorly affects this book.

Updated: Feb 22, 2024
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