Understanding Starbucks' Customer Expectations

1. What are the expectations of Starbucks' customers in terms of Starbucks' coffee beverages?

Starbucks' customers have high expectations when it comes to their coffee-beverages. They expect to receive fresh coffee, that tastes great, at a competitive price, with fast and friendly service no matter what location they go to. These customers are also concerned with knowing that the beans are of the highest quality, were grown in an environmentally sustainable manner, and that Starbucks has reinvested into the communities where their beans are purchased.

2. What should be the primary goals of Starbucks' coffee bean supply chain be if they plan to be a customer focused organization?

Starbucks primary goal of their coffee bean supply should be to maintain their supply of high quality beans and other products while they maintain their prices as low as possible for both their supply chain and the customer.

3. How does purchasing help Starbucks achieve their supply chain goals?

Purchasing should be a part of all of the elements in the Starbucks supply chain.

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They should be striving for uninterrupted deliveries of their coffee beans and all other products to ensure customer satisfaction, while building long lasting relationships with suppliers to maintain high quality products at the best prices.

4. How do the operations elements (purchasing, planning & operations) of Starbucks' supply chain support them at achieving their goals? What are the objectives of these elements?

The operations elements of Starbucks' supply chain helps them to plan and manage all the inventory they will need from

1. growing the beans,

2.processing the beans,

3. making each drink order at the retail store, and all while

4. maintaining their retail locations.

The objectives of these elements are to give their customer a high quality and consistent product no matter what location they go to. The effects of quality and service are not only limited to those listed above but the design and execution of these processes in retail stores which can customize the experience customers receive from location to location.

5. How does distribution and warehousing support the supply chain goals of Starbucks? What are the objectives of the Starbuck’s distribution and warehousing functions?

Logistics supports the supply chain goal of Starbucks' distribution and warehousing. This function is responsible for the timely deliveries and pick-ups of their finest beans and other products to their retail stores. During the distribution and warehousing, the packaging and storage of their products have an effect on the quality of the final product. The objective is to provide the utmost care to ensure the best quality, from start to finish, while providing efficient and effective distribution.

6. Why is effective integration of activities required for Starbucks to achieve their goals? What activities would these be?

In order for Starbucks to achieve their goals it is important for them to have effective and efficient integration of their supply chain. Parties included in this chain go from the top CEO's all the way to the bottom front line employees and everyone in-between, purchasing, logistic, operations and integration, along with the farmers, bean processors, and managers. The activities of all those included in the supply chain are; the beans need to be grown, processed and then purchased by Starbucks. Distribution needs to know when and where to pick up these orders and which warehouses they need to be delivered to. From the warehouse the individual stores can place orders for products when they are needed and delivered in a timely and efficient manner. Operations specialists provide the retail stores with the equipment needed to fill customer orders and finally, front line employees
provide customers with fast and friendly service to have them coming back again and again.

Updated: Nov 20, 2023
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