Snow Flower and the Secret Fan Essay

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Snow Flower and the Secret Fan

Love is one of many themes in Snow Flower and the Secret Fan. This novel is a perfect example that everybody needs love in their life. Love can be expressed in the most indirect, but effective ways. Lily and Snow Flower became friends very quickly. They share each other’s stories and communicate on a fan that will forever be a symbol of their friendship. When Lily and Snow Flower were finally allowed to see one another, you would never catch them apart and were always by each other’s side.

When Snow Flower placed her hand on Lily’s cheek, Lily realized she had found somebody who finally cared for her the way she has wanted to be cared for her whole life. This relationship was the most significant and admiring thing in her life because it brought her love, which is essential to our existence and sanity. When Lily started to wonder if Snow Flower no longer loved her, she drove herself crazy trying to move on. She could not think straight or function properly knowing Snow Flower may no longer lover her.

Lily loved Snow Flower even after she was gone, and went on to spend the rest of her life grieving and obsessing over the one and only person who gave her the one thing that she truly needed and ever really wanted. Also, when Snow Flower was dying, the sworn sisters told Lily that Snow Flower had never loved them, only Lily. And once again, Lily was there for Snow Flower. Love can be expressed in many different ways, but it must be present in a person’s life or they will spend the rest of their time pining away for it, like Lily did. Just like all, Lily just wanted a place where she fit in and felt accepted.

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