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Similarity Checker

Whether you’re writing a paper for school or preparing a legal document, checking for plagiarism is essential. Studymoose similarity checker free is the perfect tool to do this, instantly and without any hassle!

Let’s find out how our free similarity checker can help you craft a unique document in a matter of seconds.

Unlimited Checks for Free

You can use our similarity checker free of cost, and for as many documents as you want.

Quick and Easy Operation

Getting your score takes an estimated 10 seconds and just a few clicks.

Multiple File Types Supported

All major text file formats are supported, or you can simply paste the text in our text box to get your similarity report free!

Accurate and Reliable Results

You will get accurate and reliable results, every single time. Our similarity index checker will show you even the smallest issues.

Why You Need to Use Similarity Score Checker

There are many reasons why online students, teachers, and professionals need a similarity score checker before finalizing any essay or paper without wasting any time or requiring any effort.

For Students

Imagine working on an essay for days only and submitting it before the deadline only to find out that some grammar issues have been detected by your teachers. Many students use other tools to check for grammar issues but not enough of them think about getting a similarity report free of cost for fixing issues related to plagiarism and adding the right citation where needed.

That’s why it’s always recommended to take a few seconds and utilize our free similarity checker to ensure that there are no infringements in your text that can cause trouble.

For Teachers

Some online students try to cheat their way through essays. For teachers, a similarity checker free report is a great way to find out who has done the research and written the required paper and who hasn’t. More and more universities and colleges are creating anti-plagiarism policies so tools like this one are essential for teachers. Using a similarity score checker goes a long way in this regard.

To Avoid Legal Issues

Having access to the similarity index checker will allow you to avoid any legal action too. There is a lot of copyrighted material on the internet that you’re not allowed to copy for any sort of profit. If you do so without realizing it, you can face unexpected legal issues and have to pay significant fines

Similarity Checker is Free

You should now be convinced that you need software to test your document for plagiarism. The good news is that you can get your checker free to cost, easily, and quickly without making any payments or subscribing to any service. The free similarity checker will help you add the right citation to your paper and change any text that is being shown as copied from somewhere.

Similarity Checker: How It Works

Getting yourself a free similarity checker score is as easy as can be. Just follow these few steps and you’ll have your results in no time:

  • When you open the website, you’ll be greeted with a simple interface.
  • You can choose to paste the text of your document into the relevant text field or click on the upload button to add the file from your computer directly.
  • Make sure to paste the title in the separate title box to let the free similarity checker work as well as possible.
  • Once the file is uploaded or pasted, just click on “Check My Paper” and the process will start.
  • For a text of around 1500 words, you’ll see the similarity checker free results after about 15-20 seconds.
  • If there is some plagiarism detected in your text, you will see the affected parts clearly and can edit them right there in the text box.
  • You can also choose to get help from a professional expert to ensure your essay is unique after analyzing your similarity report free of cost.

And that’s pretty much it. It takes a few seconds to get your similarity report free! Spending this little amount of time can go a long way into help you craft an excellent paper.

Frequently Asked Questions
Which percentage of similarity on plagiarism checker is a concern?
Usually, if your similarity score checker shows plagiarism of 5-10%, it should be okay with most universities. Some may allow up to 15% too. Anything above 15% is cause for concern.
How not to get flagged by code similarity checker?
Usually, if your similarity score checker shows plagiarism of 5-10%, it should be okay with most universities. Some may allow up to 15% too. Anything above 15% is cause for concern.
How to get similarity checker on Word?
You can get a similarity index checker in Word by heading to the Editor tab, finding Similarity, and then clicking on Check. However, getting a free similarity checker report from dedicated software is always your best bet.