Reinforcement And Punishment of Such Behavior

Carr (1985) suggest that when functional communication is used as part of an overall behavioral intervention with reinforcement theory put in place, it does reduce difficult behavior.  Students are reinforced by functional communication when they determine the consequence be they reinforcements or punishments, which makes it more or less likely that the behavior will occur again.  The theory is to first assess the function of the behavior.

Durand (2016) suggest that functional behavioral assessment is used to identify the function of the behavior. Theory is if the antecedent to the behavior is identified then this will help to eliminate the trigger to the behavior and the consequence that maintain the behavior.

Carr (1985) suggest to demonstrate the next steps to eliminate the behavior is to select the communication device which will help the student to gain access to communicate their wants and needs.  Theory suggest when teaching new communication the atmosphere of the classroom needs to be arranged to help this opportunity for students happen, which might look like deciding on the school day and where the student is most likely to engage in behavior in the classroom.

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When prompting is communicated then this is when the first teaching of communicating will happen. Researchers show to use gestures for the prompting to let the student know how to use the device and communicate.

When this is put in place the prompt should then fade after multiple trials and less intrusive prompts until the student’s reaches independence. Matson (2008) suggest that when the student is independent with using communication this should be taught in new setting, with new people and materials.

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The last tool researchers say to use is teaching new forms of communication like verbal or alternative communication.  The data collection for this study is to find out how functional communication training can help students with an alternative response to help eliminate and identify the problem behavior in the classroom. Data tools will include checklists, observation, field notes, interviews, and document analysis.

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