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Read My Essay app on StudyMoose - be your own audience!

Have you ever been in the situation when you asked your friend: “Hey, read me my essay out loud please, I have to be sure that it sounds great!”? Or, when you read your own essay, can you look at it as the audience will? You will probably find it difficult to concentrate on how you spell and stress important words and perfect the timing simultaneously.

Instrument to Read My Essay Out Loud

StudyMoose is here to help! Our Read My Essay is a completely free text to speech online tool. Just copy the text of your paper here, to the website, choose the type of voice that will read it back to you and press the button! Now you can listen to your college essay, research paper or speech like your audience will. You can evaluate the time needed for each paragraph and check if you use all the time you have, need some extra minutes or have some space to add a phrase or two. The timing is very important for public speaking, and there is no other way for the reader to evaluate it than to read the essay aloud - or benefit from the technology already invented by humankind and use text to speech software.

Another benefit of Read My Essay is tapping onto your audial memory. Audial memory - the ability to remember things you heard - is very important for humanity and very ancient. We are more used to remember words we hear than ones we read. Just remember the last earworm your heard in YouTube ad and the time it took to get it out of your head! (Oops… we’re really sorry if it starts sounding in your head again.) Hearing your own text helps you memorize it much faster than just looking at the writing. Moreover, you can use our free text to speech reader program to passively learn the text. Just listen to it like to the audiobook while you’re cooking, driving or doing something else - and soon you will painlessly remember every word.

The third but not less important benefit of the online text to speech tool is understanding which sentences you can leave in your paper at all! It may sound weird, but not everything you are writing can be later read aloud. There are sentences full of matching consonants, overloaded with unnecessary metaphors that turn them into labyrinths of words, prisons you are trying to escape, that drown you in lengthy and unpronounceable words and take your breath and mind away, so you don’t remember your point near the end of it. You know, like this one. You have to take a deep breath to say it. Of course, we are exaggerating here, but still, the closer to the natural speech the text sounds, the easier it will be for the audience to understand its sense.

Text to Speech Converter Making Your Life Easier

Still, you should remember that Read my Essay is just an instrument you can use to “read my essay for free” and benefit from it. You may correct some extra-long and heavy sentences with its help or smooth some sharp edges in your writing - because you will have a fresh look at it after you hear it recited by someone else's voice. But the unique intonations, stresses and emotional hints you put into the text are all yours to make. So, after you have made some basic technical corrections, read your essay out loud by yourself. Add some flavor to the text, crack a joke or be deadly serious where it’s necessary. Remember that even the funniest joke, read by the calm software’s voice won’t get any emotional response from you and may look flat.

Try to iterate reading your writing by yourself and using Read My Essay tool. After each repetition your text will become more and more refined and polished. You will be sure that your timing is perfect. You will use both visual and audial memory to remember your text better. You will make your sentences easy to say in one breath. And you will be just destined to get the best possible grade for your writing and speech!

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