Project Managment

1. Why is there a new or renewed interest in the field of project management? There is a new or renewed interest in the field of project management due to the fact that there is new technologies that are considerably used in numerous different countries and to keep in contact with these markets.

World broad job management is used to develop the numerous different tasks that are very important within the markets.

2. a. What is a job, and what are its main attributes?
b. How is a project various from what many people do in their everyday jobs? c. What is the triple restriction?
a. A project is a momentary venture undertake to produce a distinct item, service, or outcome. It's main attributes are:

Has a special purpose
Is momentary
Is established using progressive elaboration
Requires resources, often from different locations
Need to have a main client or sponsor
Includes unpredictability

b. A job is different from what the majority of people carry out in their everyday tasks since a project can be large or little and include someone or countless people and can also be done in one day or take years to finish where as daily tasks include a few people

and can be done within a week or month however doesn't take a day or years.

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c. The triple constraint is stabilizing scope, time, and cost objectives. 3. What is project management? Briefly explain the task management structure, offering examples of stakeholders, knowledge locations, tools and strategies, and project success factors.

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Job management is the application of knowledge, abilities, tools, and strategies to project activities to meet task requirements. The task management framework is scope management, time management, expense management, quality management, human resources management, communications management, risk management, and procurement management

4. a. What is a program?
b. What is a project portfolio? Talk about the relationship between projects, programs, and portfolio management and the contributions they each make to enterprise success.
a. A program is a group of tasks managed in a coordinated method to obtain benefits and control not offered from managing them individually.
b. A project portfolio is when organizations group and manage projects as a portfolio of investments contribute to the entire enterprise's success.
The relationship between projects, programs, and portfolio management is meeting tactical or strategic goals. 5. a. What is the role of the project manager?
b. What are suggested skills for all project managers and for information technology project managers? c. Why is leadership so important for project managers?
d. How is the job market for information technology project managers? a. The role of the project manager is to work with the project sponsors, the project team, and the other people involved in a project to meet project goals. b. Suggested skills for all project managers and for IT project managers would be:

The Project Management Body of Knowledge
Application area knowledge, standards, and regulations
Project environment knowledge
General management knowledge and skills
Soft skills or human relations skills

c. Project managers need to have leadership skills so that they can put there focus on the long-term goals and big-picture objectives, while inspiring people to reach those goals. They are there to just guide their team to success.

d. IT project managers are high in demand. IT executives listed the skills they predicted would be the most in demand in the next two to five years and Project/program management came in first place. 6. Briefly describe some key events in the history of project management. What role does the Project Management Institute and other professional societies play in helping the profession? Most agree that the modern concepts of project management began with the Manhattan Project, which the U.S. military led to develop the atomic bomb in World War II.

The Manhattan Project involved many people with different skills at several different locations. The Manhattan Project lasted about three years and cost almost $2 billion in 1946. Since there are so many people working on projects in various industries, PMI has created specific interest groups, or SIGs, that enable members to share ideas about project management in their particular application areas, such as information systems. 7. a. What functions can you perform with project management software?

b. What are some popular names of low-end, midrange, and high-end project management tools? a. Functions that you can perform with project management software would be determining the project scope, time, cost assigning resources, preparing project documentation, etc. b. MinuteMan and Project Kickstart is some popular names for low-end tools, Microsoft Project and Milestones are some popular names for midrange tools, and finally, Microsoft is popular in high-end tools.

Updated: Feb 22, 2021
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