Product Life Cycle of Nutri-Grain

* The brand name was initially presented in the United States in 1991 for a breakfast cereal bars consisting of fruit filling covered in a crust without included sugar. * There were 4 ranges at first (rye, corn, barley and wheat); later on these were decreased to corn and wheat * There are various Nutri-Grain Bars made from the breakfast cereal bonded together, readily available in the markets where the cereal is offered. The bars ended up being popular in the 1990s as an “on-the-go” food.

* In the United States the Nutri-Grain Bar name is utilized for the soft golden baked crust breakfast bars made with wheat, whole-grain, and oats. Product Development

Nutri-Grain was developed in 1980 by Kellogg’s Company which was currently effective in making cereal that people delighted in. Kellogg’s wished to produce a on to go cereal breakfast bar that was healthy and was filling.

Introduction Nutri-Grain was launched in 1997 and was instantly a hit among the middle class population who had little time to spare and need food on the go.

It gained almost 50% of share of the growing cereal bar market in just two years. In just 1997 they had sold about 4,000 tons of cereal bars. In 1997 they made of a soft crust with a fruit filling inside. They were popular amongst both adults and children. Nutri-Grain was advertised on T.V, magazines and newspapers

Growth During the growth stage, Nutri- Grains sales climbed rapidly as more people overseas became aware of the product. The product became very popular in Great Britain, Australia and New Zealand.

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The growth and profit was short lived as sales started to die out. The product looked like it was going into decline without even going into the maturity stage. The growth stage lasted for a year in 1999 Maturity

In 2000 Kellogg’s decided to increase profits and bring back the sales that they were starting to lose. They introduced a new type of cereal bar called Twists which were essentially 2 small soft bakes with different flavors twisted into one bar. This worked because the sales rose again, this lasted for about for another year

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