Process of Communication and Its Components

The process of communication begins with the person or sender who wants to communicate a message to another person or people. The thoughts are interpreted by the sender into different symbols and words that the recipient can be able to understand and then transmit the message. There is also a receiver who is meant to receive the message. The final step is the feedback whereby the receiver is expected to respond to the message he or she received from the sender.

There are different barriers to the process known as noise. These barriers can always be internal like poor listening skills or even external like high levels of noise in the surrounding (Jain, 2008).

The difference between listening and hearing

The difference between hearing and listening is that; with listening, one is open to receive. He or she is opening to hopefully receive and hear. Whereas hearing is the act of receiving the message or information, taking it in, and then understanding it during marriage communication.

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Formal and informal communication channels

  • The formal communication network of an organization encompasses formal communication network
  • Network consisting of all communications that flow along an organization’s official lines of authority.

All communications that flow along its formal lines of authority. However, informal communication can occur just anywhere in one individual’s workplace, on the golf course or in the cafeteria) and by just about any way or means, for instance, e-mail, phone, conversation and face-to-face.

Barriers to effective communication

The best example is: If am somewhere or at a certain place and want to call someone who is at a far corner of the room, I will call and wave to hi or her to come over.

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Here, I used the oral means of communication and interpreted the message into words and symbols. My friend could not hear me due to the high level of noise but was able to see me and nodded, this was actually the reaction of the receiver. The feedback is when he or she walked over to me.

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Process of Communication and Its Components

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