Principles and Implications Of Human Development

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Development is the growth and change of pattern, a forward movement that begins at conception and continues throughout the entire lifespan. It is quite complex and a product of several processes get involved. Human physical development involves genes, environment, motivation, gradual differentiation of the body and it influences other areas of human development. Therefore the physical development is the simple changes in the child’s size, weight, and quantitative changes but bring about other physical and atomic changes. Physical development hence involves weight gain, height change, growth of limbs, head enlarging, and size of the brain, lungs, heart, feet and hands.

This occurs in a predictable pattern.

Principles of Development

Principle of continuity. It is a never-ending process. It stars with conception and ends with death. Small, gradual and continuous in all dimensions.

Educational Implications We should never give up our efforts to achieve perfection in our students in different dimensions.

Principle of lack of uniformity in the developmental rate. Often as silent and gradual as to be almost invisible.

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Sometime as fast as to be noticed quite easily, for example, shooting up in height, sudden change in social interest, intellectual curiosity.

Principle of Individual Difference. Every organism is a distinct creation in itself. Development in various dimensions is unique and specific.

Educational Implications. Each child should be helped along the developmental process within the sphere of his own strengths and limitations.

Principle of uniformity of pattern. Individuals follow a definite pattern which is uniform and universal with respect to its species.

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For instance, the development of language follows a somewhat definite sequence quite common to all human beings.

Educational Implications As child follow the uniformity of patterns, so we should also follow the relevant pattern to ensure and enhance the learning.

The principle of proceeding from general to specific responses. Individual exhibits general responses and learn to show specific and goal directed responses afterwards. For instance, when a newborn infant cries, his whole body is involved in doing so but as he develops, it is limited to the vocal cords, facial expressions, and eyes etc.

Educational Implications It helps us to plan the learning processes and arrange suitable learning experiences so as to achieve maximum gains in terms of growth and development.

Principle of Integration. Patterns of behavior are broken into smaller ones, and smaller ones are put together. A baby learns to reach for objects by maintaining an upright posture in order to facilitate the grasp, and then he has to learn how to move his arm towards the desired object. When he is able to move his arm with intent and in the right direction, the baby must stabilize himself in order to grasp what he wants. Finally, upright and secure with his hand in the correct place the baby can grasp and hold the object.

Educational Implications. It helps us to plan the learning processes and arrange suitable learning experiences so as to achieve maximum gains in terms of growth and development.

Principle of Interrelation. Various aspect or dimensions of one’s growth and development are interrelated. A healthy body tends to develop a healthy mind and emotionally stable & socially conscious personality.

Educational Implications Strive for the all-round harmonious growth and development of the personalities of our children and caution us not to encourage a particular aspect.

Principle of Interaction. It involves active interaction between the forces within the individual and forces belonging to his environment. Individual’s behavior or personality make- up is nothing but an end-product of the constant interaction between hereditary endowment and environmental set-up. Educational Implications uHeredity is a factor which we cannot control but as far as environmental factor is concerned, we should provide such an environment that is conducive to learning.

Principle of Cephalo-caudal & Proximo-distal. According to Cephalo-caudal tendency, developments proceed from Head to Foot direction. For instance, Baby first gain control over head and arms and then on his legs. According to Proximo-distal tendency, developments proceed from Middle to Outward. Child is seen to exercise control over the large fundamental muscles of arms and hands and then muscles of fingers.

Educational Implications. It helps us to arrange the suitable learning experiences, processes and environmental set-up so as to accommodate the students.

Principle of Predictability. With the help of the uniformity of the pattern and sequence of development, we can predict the future development. For example, with the knowledge of the development of bones of a child it is possible to predict his future structure and size.

Educational Implications this knowledge help the teacher that what is expected in terms of development so she can plan accordingly to achieve it by organizing the experiences.

Principle of Spiral versus Linear Advancement. The child doesn’t proceed straight on the path of development with a constant or steady pace. Actually he makes advancement, during a particular period but takes rest in the next following period to consolidate his development. In advancing further, therefore, he turns back and then makes forward again like a spiral.

Educational Implications. To make adequate arrangements for the subsequent progress and consolidation of the progress.

Updated: Feb 02, 2024
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