President of the United States David Eisenhower

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Dwight David Eisenhower, the man who assumed the white house job as the 34th president of the United States with a Republican Party ticket, assumed office from 1953 to 1961. This was after serving as a five-star general in the in his country's army in the recently ended World War 2. Born in a family with a staunch religious background; it was expected that he would be the most suited president to practice democracy for all during his tenure. He was also of the opinion of the NATO inclusion policy which made him win the 1952 election in a landslide.

His democracy, however, was put on test in 1953 when he made threats of using Nuclear weapons against the China nation unless they made an agreement to sign peace terms to help stop the Korean War. This made China concede to the terms thus thwarting Dwight's mission, but the result was a peace treaty between China and Korean which was a milestone in his leadership in the U.

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S and NATO countries. He was, however, limping in his courtyard ever since he joined office. On assuming office, he decided to operate with a small cabinet consisting of corporate executives who were millionaires and on labor leader. His assembly was characterized by a lack of personal friendship, inexperienced government administrators and office seekers.

He was one of the best leaders in the history of U.S because he had a plan of action for his countrymen, and even outside the U.S. his priorities after his inauguration was, as mentioned above, end the Korean War, balance the budget, end the then wage and price controls and defend important interests deterring the use of nuclear weapons.

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He also made use of the press to communicate much of what he was doing as a president. He was regarded as the president who used the press conference than any other president, having a total of 200 press conferences in his two terms in office.

He was also a firm adherent of the political philosophy majorly known as progressive conservatism and referred to himself as 'progressive conservative.' He ensured there were balance three of the eight federal budgets. Although he invested heavily in the military budget, his involvement as regarded as ‘involvement to Save the World'. He did stop the Korean War and ensured he involved himself in any other war. He also helped in stabilizing the Soviet- American rivalry. Apart from that he also ensured that he salvaged his party, Republican Party, from a political death that was facing it among other achievements.

President Dwight was however criticized by many as a president who was inactive and who did very little for his people. Critics focused mainly on his reluctance to join hands in escalating support of civil rights, a movement directed towards ensuring freedom of expression among others. This made his democratic driven leadership questioned and his legacy short-lived although he is listed as one of the best-ranked presidents of his time. This was mainly due to the successes of his immediate vibrant and vigorous young successor John F Kennedy.


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