"Please Be Honest With Me Even If It Hurts Me" Poetry

Categories: Moonlight

So lots of nights I sit all alone and I consider you, questioning if you are ever thinking about me too. It is probably impractical to think that you may be thinking about me as much. In the silence of the night with the moonlight shining through my window the tears roll down my face since I care a lot and in my heart I'm skeptical that you can feel the very same. All I ever asked from you is that you provide me sincerity, even if harms me.

Oh so long ago our paths ran into each others online, we chatted from time to time and you became my good friend. After a while I began to feel things in my heart that I have never felt prior to. I started to appreciate you more than I believed it was possible to appreciate somebody. You never ever stated that you took care of me, but sometimes I just do not know.

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Would you even care if I vanished into nothing? The entire time that we were learning more about each other I've asked you time and time once again to

Please be sincere with me even if it hurts me,

I still need that from you

I understand that you have your life there simply as I have my life here, and our lives keep us hectic with our daily duties, however when days pass and I do not hear from you my heart begins to hurt and my eyes begin to fill up with tears once again.

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Often I check my e-mail just to see if I hear from you. I know that there were no guarantees made to me but if you truly care about me lease bear in mind that I require to be advised often. Loving someone with some much to over come, between is never ever simple to start with, insecurities can become much more extreme without knowing or hearing that you care each day. I will never ever ask you to be anybody but yourself, you are the one I have actually grown to enjoy, however I do ask you to be sincere with me even if it injures me.

When again I am preparing to climb into my bed, simply wishing and dreaming that you were here with me, even if it can only be a brief while. Do you.
ever desire that also or am I living in a ridiculous fantasy world? In the meantime I will tuck my hopes and dreams in my heart for the night. If I understood for sure how you felt I would know if I need to withdraw or get closer. Should I take my hopes and dreams and put them in a box where I understand that they will be safe, or do I take a danger and keep telling you my feelings?

Whatever you need to say to me state it truthfully, even if it harms me.

For some reason fate has brought us together, I'm not sure of it's plan, but I know there was a reason. I have put my trust into fate's hands, where it wants me to be in your life, I will be, what it wants from you and I will be. I can hope and I can wish, but it can only work out the way I dream of, if that is want it wants it to be. There is only one thing

I need to ask of you and that is

"Please Be Honest With Me Even If It Hurts Me"

Updated: Nov 01, 2022
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"Please Be Honest With Me Even If It Hurts Me" Poetry essay
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