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Plagiarism Scanner

The StudyMoose free plagiarism scanner is an online tool designed to check plagiarism and percentage similarity content between the input text and other data on the internet. StudyMoose created this useful tool for teachers, students, content writers, professionals, bloggers, or anyone who needs to thoroughly check their data or essay before making it public.

These days, there’s a wealth of information online. Not only is this readily available to everyone at the same time, a lot of people can end up writing the same things, especially when they did their research from the same website or database.To avoid similar problems, always scan the paper for plagiarism using tools with high-level accuracy and quick results, like the StudyMoose.

Scan for Plagiarism Your Paper of any Complexity

The StudyMoose paper scanner for plagiarism is available for anyone wishing to use the tool for personal and professional work. It doesn’t matter the bulk or complexity of the said document; you can always post your articles on the essay scanner as long as it surpasses 500 characters.

Here are a few other texts you can scan for plagiarism:

  • Quotes
  • Essays
  • Citations
  • Term paper
  • Assignments
  • Emails
  • Interview paper

StudyMoose Free Plagiarism Scanner

You might already be wondering how great this StudyMoose tool is you might have to break the bank to use it. You scan papers for plagiarism using this tool for free! Yes, it is free. As an organization, we know how expensive some writing tools are, especially for students. That is why we decided to make this scanner free of charge, so people can perform a plagiarism scan on their data.

This free plagiarism scanner by StudyMoose was designed by professionals with the latest, easy-to-use technology. The software offers a deep search method that goes through extra levels to scan paper for plagiarism and offer accurate and analytical results. The numerical algorithm was mapped out to detect popular or commonly used phrases to provide a more valuable result when you scan for plagiarism.

Plagiarism Scanner Free for Professors, Teachers and Students

Scanner free mode is available not only for students but also for professors, teachers, content writers, bloggers, and many people who would love to use a plagiarism scan for their works.

The software embedded in the plagiarism scanner makes it suitable for a wide spectrum of people, as it gives only reliable and valuable results.

Many students ask, “Where can I get a great tool to scan my essay for plagiarism?” We have the answer, and it’s free! Also, you don’t need to bypass rigorous registration methods before you can use this tool. Just copy your data and paste it into the search box.

For professors or teachers, there are various ways by which the scan paper for plagiarism free tool might be useful to you. Some students might decide to copy someone else’s work and post it as theirs. With a plagiarism scanner, you can quickly check their work in minutes. You can also use it for your scientific research or publications, as the StudyMoose scan my essay algorithm is also suitable for that.

Bloggers, webmasters, and others who create and publish content online would also find this plagiarism scanner tool useful.

Easy Steps to Use Plagiarism Scanner

StudyMoose free plagiarism scanner tool only requires a few steps:

  1. Log in to the site
  2. Paste your title
  3. Paste your text
  4. Check your paper

When you follow the above steps, you will be allowed to scan paper for plagiarism in a few seconds. For a better understanding of how it works, let’s explain in deeper detail how we run the check:

  • As you can see in the above image, the plagiarizing scanner has a space where you can paste your title and your main text. If you would rather upload a file, you can click the bar below, where you have the option of posting either .pdf. foxconn, or .txt files.
  • When you click “Check my essay,” it takes only a few seconds to provide the result. For the title, you must enter at least ten characters, while the text must be five hundred.
  • For a bulky text, you might need to give the essay scanner more time because it has to compare with almost all databases on the internet for a great result.
  • The results usually come in the format below. It gives a percentage score and also advises on how to get a more accurate result.

Why Do You Need To Scan Paper for Plagiarism?

There are several reasons you should use our plagiarism scanner free tool for your articles. Here are a few:


  • To boost your grades
  • To improve uniqueness and creativity
  • To improve your credibility amongst your lecturers
  • To avoid legal troubles
  • To prevent academic probations

For Teachers

  • To monitor your student’s work
  • Time optimization
  • Works under ten seconds, so you can scan a great volume at a short time
Frequently Asked Questions
How does the StudyMoose plagiarism scanner work?
The plagiarism scan employs a numerical algorithm that compares your data to thousands of databases on the internet. Just copy or upload your document into the bar and click scan.
How to bypass the plagiarism scanner?
Although it is generally not advisable, you can bypass the plagiarism scan by paraphrasing your sentences and changing the original language of the copied work.
What is StudyMoose anti-plagiarism scanner?
This tool is used to scan papers for plagiarism by comparing them to other works on the internet and displaying results on where it was copied from.
Is plagiarism scanner accurate?
Yes. The StudyMoose essay scanner plagiarism is 100% accurate.