Plagiarism Essay Topics

UW students, faculty struggle with plagiarism in Internet era

“Welcome to the sometimes confounding topic of plagiarism in the cut-and-paste Internet era. “[1]. This is an example on how Todd Finkelmeyer engages the reader in his article “UW students, faculty struggle with plagiarism in Internet era”. However, this quote also underlines the issue Todd Finkelmeyer deals with throughout his article, which is one of… View Article


Plagiarism, in its simplest form, is merely literary theft. Plagiarism occurs when a writer duplicates another writer’s language or ideas and then calls the work his or her own (Plagiarism 2). Some times, one may plagiarize with little knowledge that he/she is doing so. Other times, one may feel the need to plagiarize because he/she… View Article

Why You Shouldn’t Plagiarize

Plagiarism is the use of idea and words that are not your own. Surely you’re aware of that if you are reading this. But stop and think for a moment why you’re tempted to use this service. Are you too lazy to do your own work? Were you just insulted that I would ask you… View Article


Plagiarism is taking credit in terms of the words, ideas as your own without implicit or explicit expression of the owner or proper referencing. It can be defined in simple terms as presenting other peoples work including the work of fellow students, academicians, researchers, magazines, newspapers, whether electronic or non electronic as your own without… View Article

How Students and Teachers Can Avoid and Prevent Plagiarism

Plagiarism has been any and every writer’s concern, both in the scholarly and non scholarly sense. It is the dreaded term which implies various complications from those who choose to plagiarize, those plagiarized by accident, and those authors who are mere victims of such unfair treatment. From the students’ standpoint, great and keen consideration must… View Article


There are several ways of cheating in school nowadays whether it is an exam or submitting a required paper, there are always some students who are encouraged to cheat. For instance, during an examination, they can always look into their PDAs or ask classmates for answers via a text message through the cellular phone. When… View Article

Plagiarizing Student

Of the three options on the table, the best punishment for a plagiarizing student would be to fail the student the assignment. Whereas there are those that might say this is not harsh enough, there a number of reasons why it strikes the needed compromise between the students need to learn and the need by… View Article

Plagiarism Excuse

This letter is regarding the charge on violation of the University’s Student Code of Conduct. I comprehend that plagiarism is a crime, it is wrongful to copy some one else’s work or even idea without giving the author credit for his work. But, my assignments, term reports and coursework are never plagiarized not even a… View Article

Plagiarism & taking credit

Plagiarism is taking credit for work performed by others. This type of academic dishonesty can take many forms. The most obvious example would be cutting and pasting information from a web-site and turning the paper in as one’s own work. Another obvious example would be working with someone else on a paper. If the student… View Article

Effects of Plagiarism to the Students

In life especially in any learning institutions, it is inevitable to engage oneself with other people’s ideas, stories and researches. Most of people’s knowledge is acquired from previous knowledge that is written and said. But people can also create their own idea from others’ works or through experiences. However, owning one’s thought is another story,… View Article

Why do students Plagiaries

It has been claimed that students with English as a second language background are more likely to plagiarise. Lack of information been given to students to whether it is right to copy journal article word by word or they should reference it. Throughout this essay I will illustrate the reasons to why students tend to… View Article

Alina Humanities

PERFORMANCE OBJECTIVES Upon completion of the course, students should be able to accomplish the following. 1. Understand and appreciate outstanding cultural expressions of the humanistic tradition. 2. Interpret and analyze selected artistic and ideological expressions. 3. Compare and contrast selected artistic and ideological expressions. 4. Identify causal influences in the chronological development of arts and… View Article

Plagiarism – Impact of Internet

The advent of technology and internet in the last decade has opened up several avenues for unlimited information access. This along with the increasing academic pressures has led students to resort to plagiarism at an alarming rate (Elliot, 2004). The problem of plagiarism in the academic context can no longer be ignored as it is… View Article


Plagiarism is considered stealing another person’s writing and making it one’s own. In the following, a student has plagiarized an original source from another author. Two sentences will be depicted from this passage and cited accurately using APA standard format. Recognizing and avoiding plagiarism is possible in own writing and will be discussed. The goal… View Article

Case study following

Each student needs to complete a case study write-up and submit by the due date following the submission requirements outlined in the course profile (and provided below). Students need to address the following questions in their case study write-up for the Kanthal A case: 1. Describe the competitive environment in which Kanthal operates. 2. Describe… View Article

A critique essay on plagiarism

Plagiarism has become an issue of great concern. Gladwell in his article “Something Borrowed” discusses this issue through multiple aspects of a question so as to present a clear understanding of the intellectual property. Gladwell’s narration follows after his work is plagiarized in a Broadway play, “Frozen” written by Lavery. The play had the main… View Article

Plagiarism literary

Post your response to the following: Axia College takes academic honesty seriously. Think for a moment about an author whose original work has been plagiarized by a student. Why would that author consider plagiarism to be such a grave offense? Plagiarism is a literary theft that is commonly done by some students. A scenario in… View Article

Cheating and plagiarism for my religion class

The movie we watched was very interesting. I felt like I could definitely relate to most of the situations they brought up. In particular, the point about how you felt the need to cheat nowadays to keep up with the cheaters. Their information was very accurate and it really gives you a look into what… View Article

Reflection Summary

Collaborate with your Learning Team to discuss the previous week’s objectives. Discuss what you learned, what could be applicable to your workplace or personal life, and how your knowledge has increased as a result of what you experienced through the learning activities in the previous week. Submit your team summary of the discussion in a… View Article