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Pay for Play: Should College Athletes Be Compensated

College athletes have more than tripled the absences than a student that is not an athlete, and this is all because of money. Over the past years, College athletes in America have been getting paid lots of money which are causing young athletes to make them feel like there is no use of going to score or at least trying. Paying college athletes will not only affect the athlete but it will also affect the college such as shutting down programs and going over the budget.

Paying college athletes can support poor families with financial issues leading the other athletes mad and upset. Recent studies show that college athletes over the past 5 years have been dealing with lots of financial issues and scandals going around colleges stated by the DOE.

For example in one study conducted by the college programs should College athletes get paid published on June 16th, 2016 said that “giving kids money will never have any incentive to go to class for them already feels like school is useless, also combined with the fact that some athletes may be receiving grades without doing any work giving the money will only add to this fact”.

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Title IX was passed in 1972 and states that all money should go equally for All Sports and no team should be excluded. Originally this law was created to help preserve equal rights for men and women. These days the NCAA enforces this law to prevent athletes from receiving money. An example of this is is the Scandal that recently occurred at Miami University seventy two athletes at Miami University received improper benefits while attending the college.

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Now several years later the university is under investigation and will be facing some serious punishment for the NCAA.

Another point we should think about is paying college athletes will not only affect them but it will also harm the college leading to shutting down programs. We know that people are interested in the college but not only about the sport but the variety of programs and interest students might have on, but these have to be shut down because the college is paying more for the athletes than for the programs In a news article “Should College athletes be paid” by Tiffany Patterson who was a coach on the swim team for Michigan college supports that “while not all students athletes get scholarships College athletes are ready to get their paying and the main cause of losing another program that other students who visit the school can be visited… This is why paying them is too much in my opinion.” another similar idea that was shared from School would have eliminate their programs, that means they would lose 70 percent of the amount of teams they currently have and basketball alone would loose close up to 75 percent of their teams. This would be ridiculous for a school to lose all their programs it would in fact diminish the amount of college athletes.

Obviously, this is not accurate because not all college athletes will abuse the money because some athletes actually need the money. This is because some athletes come from a bad/poor background so young adults will not do anything they can to support their family with money and also with financial issues. I know this because in the article “yes College athletes should get paid”, bye Isbell row Brooke published on April 16th, 2017 supports that “financial support seems to be one of the biggest reasons to pay College athletes, because they all come from many different background financial support can not only be the only benefit but also their families” In addition to this message from a college athlete said quote “If they never paid me for playing Football my parents would be living in the streets and that’s the last thing I want from them”.

As a result, paying college athletes can have a benefit in their way but in different situations. clearly supporting College athletes support a system and can help benefit lives in so many positive ways but we got to think that if we only pay the athletes that really need the money then the other students would get upset and mad. Paying College athletes will harm the school and athletes, money is just going to add to this fact. Paying college athletes is going to get College over their budget, leaving the program so shut down. Penn college outfits harm the obvious because they’re also students, and they decide not to go to class or try because they are already getting paid, affecting their career. Paying college athletes that need money with financial issues the other athletes will then get upset/angry. And conclusion we all need to have an understanding there’s no use of paying college athletes because money is just going to harm them and their future.

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