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Statement of Topic
To determine the duties and responsibilities of the Administrative Assistant at The Cable Department.

The objectives of this project are:
To investigate the duties and responsibilities of the administrative assistant To determine the importance of the Administrative Assistant to the organization.

Functions of the Cable Department
At The Cable Department, the functions of an Administrative Assistant areto make and cancel appointments on behalf of an executive and to greet the customer or potential business person in the most polite way.

Abbott Village,
West Farm,
St Kitts.

17 October, 2012

Ms Judith Hewlet
The Administrative Assistant,
The Cable Department,
Church Street,

Dear Ms Hewlet,
I am a fifth form student of the Verchilds High school. In an effort to complete my School Based Assessment, I am writing this letter seeking permission to conduct an interview with you and also to do some observations of the Administrative Assistant. I would like to find out the duties of the secretary and how his or her work benefits the business.

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I hope that you would grant me permission to have this interview. I would be extremely grateful as this would make it easier for me to complete my Office Administration School Based Assessment Project. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

Yours sincerely,

Tashaun Greene

The instrument that the researcher used to gather the informationwas an interview. The researcher interviewed the Administrative Assistant on the 21st of October,2013 and recorded responses during the discussion. This instrument is used by asking an Ms.

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Hewlet in that specific business place questions whether face to face or over the telephonewhich is relevant to the business to gather information. This instrument was chosen over others because more questions can be asked and the researcher may get a better understanding of the data. In addition, the interviewer can answer questions that were not clearly understood by the respondent, this way is much more effective and faster in terms of getting the data.

Five important questions
1. What equipment do you use to complete your work?
2. What are the duties in the business?
3. What are the documents used in the business?
4. What are the legislations that govern the business?
5. Are there any health and safety rules?

Schedule of Activity

The guidelines for the SBA was handed to the researcher from the teacher The teacher explained everything that should or should not be done in the SBA
The researcher started research on the first six tasks of the project A past student corrected the project and put a few changes
I spoke with the secretary to seek her permission about the interview The secretary was pleased to answer and said yes
The SBA was sent back to the researcher in an e-mail
The teacher corrected the project
The researcher was on job attachment to get further information about the project It was a success and all the information required was collect 21/12/12
The interview was conducted
It was successful
The teacher gathered with students to ask about the job experience The students responded well, it benefited most of them

The SBA was sent to the teacher
Teacher made some adjustments to the SBA
The SBA was sent back to the researcher to be corrected
The researcher sent back the correction to the teacher

Rules and Regulations


One legislation that governs the work place that the researcher had to be aware of is confidentiality, this simply means that whatever information is in the business place it should stay there and shouldn’t be discuss among your peers, relatives or friends etc. The information should stay private. However, the researcher became aware of this legislation by the members on staff.


One health and safety practice while carrying out this research project based on the workplace is the sign which reads “wet floor”. This sign prevents people from getting hurt by letting them know that danger can be ahead of them.


One staff rule which the researcher had to comply with while carrying out the project is that there should be no use of cell phones while working. This is so because it may be a distraction or it may develop conflict between the customers and the staff member.


The objectives of the project are to investigate the duties and responsibilities of the secretary and to determine the importance of the Administrative Assistant are to maintain good working conditions and to use the basic software applications.


Internet User Agreement
The purpose of this document is to ensure that the customers agree to get the internet service and they will do whatever is required to get the service. 21/12/12
The Cable Form
The purpose of this form is for the customers to fill out to clarify whether they want to reconnect, disconnect, upgrade or downgrade their service.

Cancelation Form
The purpose of this form to cancel the entire cable service.


Photo Copying Machine
The purpose of this equipment is to copy the customer’s ID and any other document that is there for proof It is suitable to clarify whether the person is who they say they are 28/12/12

Cash Register
The purpose of this equipment is for the customers to pay their bill in which they owe or to make certain transactions It is suitable because this is the main thing that the customers come into the business to do and it will be benefiting the business because they will be getting money 30/12/12

The purpose of this equipment is to keep a hard copy of the important information or information relevant to the business It is suitable to print stuff so there would be a hard copy so they will be sent out to consumers, for example letters


Person listed:
21 December 2012, Basseterre, Labour Secretariat Administrative Assistant

Publication List
S Finisterre, L Payne & J Reid (2004) Longman Office Administration for CXC


Five important questions

1. What is the equipment used in the business?
2. What are the duties of the business?
3. What are the documents used in the business?
4. What are the documents used for in the business?
5. What are the legislations that govern the business?
6. Are there healthy and safety rules?
7. Is the business a successful one?
8. What are the benefits of the business?
9. Are there any staff rules?

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