Objectification Of Women In The Beauty Pageants

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Beauty Pageant is a way to objectifying women. This topic have been a very sensitive topic for quite awhile now. Topic that bring up things about body size, shape, and color can turn a light conversation into a very serious and contradicting conversation. We are all aware that in every situation given there will always be a room for difference in opinions and mindsets. But here, I’m going to state my opinion about the topic given here.

Before going straight into my arguments, let us define first what really is ‘objectifying’.

From the root word ‘ob-jec-ti-fy’ means to degrade to the status of a mere object. The situation here is as if you are grading someone’s look. Classifying them according to your standard. Well probably the judge’s standard, because here we all know that, that is how beauty pageant competitions work. Women is being judge and compared with each other.

Now that I’ve define the word ‘objectifying’, I’m going to proceed and give out my first argument.

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From my perspective this whole pageant competition is as if giving a minimum standard for women around the world. Why minimum standard you may ask, we all know that in this competition they have their criteria, criteria that they are requiring their contestants to have. Most of the criteria includes propositional in body size, weight, and height. This shows us that in the end they are giving out beauty standards for us women.

My second argument is that, this competition is indirectly telling us that not everyone can be the ‘queen’.

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Why? Because here in pageant industry they are looking for the women who is lucky enough to take the crown, we all have the same right for that crown and titlte and yet they are putting this standards that is making it harder and at the end its not fair for everyone. Queens can’t be short ? Queens can’t be big in size? Is appearance really matters right now? I’ve done my research a couple times and the result turns out that most women is competent to join the competition but the only thing that is making them not able to join and contribute is the fact that they don’t have the body and height. Now let me ask you, are we going to put all this intelligence on waistlines? Is that really what we are doing? Well let me give you one fact, someone’s appearance can’t define their intelligence.

In going to leave this just like this, think twice about this, if everyone will keep on supporting this act without being aware of the fact that this whole thing ois bringing bad impact then I don’t know how can we all change this whiole condition.

Updated: Feb 15, 2024
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