My beach house

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My beach house, a place that always irradiates my heart because of the innumerable memories. I inherited it from my defunct parents whom also eminently treasured this breathtaking, tranquil paradise. It was a dream of my father’s to one day own a beach house. This dream instigated him to build one of his own. The benign blue of the the walls of the house eulogized the soft brown of the wooden post, doors and the ancient but hale walkway.

I always loved to look up at the house from the walkway, at this view one could see the perfection of the lavish structure. The roof peruse over the porch blocking some sunlight giving way to the right amount.

The numerous coconut trees at the sides of the house were all crocked but yet still formed a prodigious pattern. One of my favourite experiences of the beach house as a child was collecting the eccentric sea shells that were on or deep within the soft, white, crystallised sand.

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What i love most about the sand was as the water kissed the dry sand and the sun gleamed at it, it would appear to be an on earth rainbow. How beautiful, this brought tears to my eyes multiple times. The rocks near the seashore were broken but a few were still sturdy. My parents and i would sometimes sit on a rock and look on as the harmonious waves carefully approached the shore.

We would sit on the rocks till the sun appeared to hide.

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The shimmer on the water seemed to be singing and dancing to slow music. As the peaceful wind blew i would close my eyes as it sang in my ear, played with my hair and kissed my face. I felt peace, hope and love. Reminiscing on the magical times I spent at the beach house with my family always cause my heart to weep but it was well spent. These memories I would forever cherish

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My beach house

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