Me: Who Am I

We all belong to a specific race, gender, and ethnicity that defines us, set us apart from the crowd. So it's important that we know the definition of these terms. First, race is a group of people who is related by common descent or heredity. Second, gender is the way people define their sexual orientation. And lastly, ethnicity is a group of people who shares a common and distinctive culture, religion, language, dance...etc.

And in case you don't know me, my name is Ermyas Sereke, 21.

I'm black and belong to the Habesha ethnicity.

My Family

My family consists of eight people with two females and four males; we all belong to black and belong to the Habesha ethnicity: Tiemit Segid (mother), 52, female. Sereke Teklezghi (father), 60, male. Elsa Sereke, 31, female. Awet Sereke, 27. Samuel Sereke, 23, male. And lastly, Yonas Sereke, 19, male.

There are many attributes that are unique to my family, but these two attributes are very unique to my family: clothes and food.

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Also, there are some attributes that are similar to my community:

the way they go to church every sunday and the way they celebrate New Year.

My Community

Community is a group of people who live in same geographical location or where they share common attributes. What I consider to be my community is where I feel connected, sharing interests and goals with others. The geographic location of my community is South Philadelphia.

Community Resources

A social institution is group of people who joined together for a common goal or purpose.

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In my community, there are a variety of institutions serving people:

  • Grocery Store: Walmart and Shoprite
  • Religion: Christianity (Epiphany of our Lord Parish) and Islam (Masjid Al-Jamia)
  • Education: University of Pennsylvania and Furness High School.
  • Social welfare: Southeast by Southeast and County assistance office
  • Health: Snyder Dental Center and Jefferson University Hospital


Six social work values:

  • Service
  • Social Justices
  • Dignity and worth of the individual
  • Importance and Centrality of human relationship


  • Integrity
  • Competence

Everything in the world has value and that's why they exist. Otherwise, why would we need something that has no value? However, human beings don't value just anything: we all have something to value and something not to value at all which reflects who we are. Personally, the most important value to me is dignity and worth of the individual because I think if someone has no dignity or their dignity was abused by others, they may not able to function in society and they will lose their confidence and self-esteem.

Social Issues: ICE And Immigration

When it comes to immigration, Philadelphia always was a perfect place to live for documented and undocumented immigrants, no matter where they come from. But after President Trump took over office, everything started to change. According to Billy Penn (year), ICE, United States Immigration and Custom Enforcement, based on Philadelphia being known as "the most aggressive in the nation,'' arrested 64 percent of undocumented immigrants without criminal records in 2017, higher "than any of their 23 regional parts.'' It caused Philadelphia residents to protest against ICE "at both City Hall and the ICE office at Eighth and Cherry streets,'' which resulted in victory of the protesters when Mayor Kennedy declared he won't renew PARS contract that allow the ICE to "access city's arrest database" (Means and Jennifer, 2018).

I chose this article because as an immigrant I feel this topic is relatable to me, even though I'm not an undocumented immigrant and because I want to raise awareness about undocumented immigrants' situation in Philadelphia.


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Updated: May 19, 2021
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