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Managing marketing resources

BRL posses an effective learning and knowledge management culture in its organization. The company efficiently combines wine production and marketing with the environmental issues. Ethical values and an urge to learn prevail in the culture of the organization. Since the company has international operations therefore it must pursue same attitude that is of a learning organization. The company has to face more challenges and these challenges would be initiated by global stakeholders.

There is a possibility that the organization would leave the attributes of leaning and knowledge management and they would only focus on core marketing activities.

A stiffer competition would be faced by the company because of its global competitors and it might quit activities of learning and knowledge management. That’s the way learning and knowledge management affected by the growth of the company’s international operations.

2) What is the connection – if any – between a learning organization and marketing orientation? There is a direct relationship between a learning organization and marketing orientation.

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A marketing oriented firm is committed in creating a positive corporate culture in the organization which is totally based on the preferences of consumers. However, a learning organization revolves around the idea of improving systems for the betterment of the organization (Schermerhorn, Hunt, & Osborn, 2008).

The main purpose of a learning organization is to improve the capacity of working. Thus, we can say that both the attributes combine together and form a prosperous organization. A positive relation between these two phenomena helps the organization to benefit both in the short and the long run.

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Similarly, organizational effectiveness can be attained by transforming the organizational into a learning organization.

Works Cited Schermerhorn, J. , Hunt, J. , Osborn, & R. (2008). Organizational Behavior. Wiley.

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