Jackie Robinson’s Not an Easy Childhood

Jacki was the youngest of five in his family. In 1920, after his father abandoned the family they moved to Pasadena California, to live with his uncle. You could say the Jackie’s childhood was a wild one. He wasn’t a rich kid, so he had to work when he was a little kid so he could help his family. Selling newspapers and vending hot dogs at the Rose Bowl stadium were both normal trades of Jackie making a dollar here and there.

After staying with Jackie’s uncle, they was eventually able to afford a place. They quickly learned that being black in a mostly white neighborhood would prove to be a challenge. Neighbors would often shout cruel names at the family, and constantly call the police for no apparent reason. The family was able to preserve taking the prejudice and turning it into pride.

Gradually the relations between the family and neighborhood improved. In grammar school some of his classmates would share their lunches with him if he played on their team when they played sports, because he was good at a lot of sports.

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Jackie was very mischievous growing up. As a member of a street gang, Jackie would often be out shoplifting or vandalizing property. When Jackie got older he enlisted in the Army in which he served in for two years 1942-1944 all those years he was second-lieutenant. Through those years he never saw combat. Although in Boot Camp 1949 Robinson was arrested for not going to the back in a segregated bus, the reason why is, because he was in Fort Hood, Texas.

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Robinson had a very good rep, various black newspaper, shed public light on the injustice. His courage and moral objection to segregation was precursors to the impact Robison would have in major League Baseball.

Robinson left behind a lifetime of history, and he was making that history right up to the moment he passed at a young age of 53. Jackie Robinson dedicated his life to Civil Rights. He inspired millions when he broke the chains of integrated baseball. Throughout Jackie’s life he had to go through many obstacles, mainly segregation, and he set the example that color or race didn’t matter and that you can be what you want no matter what color. He broke the color barrier when he became the first black to play Major League Baseball in the 20th century. He joined the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947 and was named Rookie of the year that year, National league MVP in 1949 and a world series champ in 1955.

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