Imagination of Anne of Green Gables

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Everyone has an imagination. Some people are more imaginative than others. When reading Anne of Green Gables, I thought that sometimes Anne’s imagination was very active because she probably did not like her real life and she had to make up situations to escape her sad reality. She probably thought that imagining being someone else was much better than being herself. She was an orphan and had lived in different houses where she was neglected. At the beginning of the book, the author describes Anne as, “a child about eleven, garbed in a very short, very tight, very ugly dress, of yellowish gray wincey… Her face was small, white and thin, also much freckled” (Montgomery 11).

Meaning, she was skinny and not very well cared for. I think this is very sad for her because she doesn’t think much of herself either. In my opinion, this is why she imagines all these different things in her life.

In chapter 20: a good imagination gone wrong, Anne was asked by Marilla to walk to Diana’s house to borrow a pattern from Diana’s mother.

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Agitated Anne became, Anne told Marilla she’d rather do it in the morning only if it was possible but Marilla wouldn’t have it so she insisted that she needed it tonight so Anne did what she was told. Anne said she had to walk along the road, which will take longer then expected. Marilla thought it was incredible of how many excuses that came out of Anne’s mouth and asked why she couldn’t walk through the woods, Anne said it was way too dark, but Marilla pointed out that it’s twilight.

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There’s enough light for Anne to see but she continued to refuse, then she begs to wait until morning and promised to go first thing in the morning. Then finally Anne confessed she thinks the woods are “haunted”. Then Marilla stops talking and stares at Anne like “r u for reel?” she then asks Anne if she’s crazy then she asks Anne specifically what parts of the woods are haunted. Anne tells her it’s mostly haunted at the spruce trees near the brook. Marilla couldn’t believe what Anne was telling her and she demanded that Anne ell her who put these ideas in her mind, Anne tells Marilla no one told her these things except herself and Diana.

She said they spent a lot of time making up fairy tales for time to pass by. Everything in Avonlea is ordinary and that they pretend differently. They told each other scary stories, so scary they were afraid of going into the woods. Marilla is beside herself. She couldn’t believe that Anne scared her own self. Marilla wondered how much time Anne wasted by using her imagination, she thought probably a really long time. So Marilla suggested she stop. Marilla demanded Anne head over to Diana’s right this instant, meaning Anne had to go through the woods as a lesson to not let her imagination get to her all the time.

Marilla was at the edge of the woods with Anne so that Anne can get somewhat into the woods. Anne then asked how Marilla would feel if ghost took her, Marilla said she’d deal with it all if it were to happen. Anne finally reaches the end of the woods and looks back at Marilla and promises that she’ll act ordinary from now on.

Updated: Sep 14, 2021
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