Heartbreak Of Romeo From The Romeo & Juliet Tragic Love Play

Suicide is serious, there are many people losing their lives because they use suicide as an escape. There are many reasons why people commit suicide, and one is heartbreak. Heartbreak is the feeling of your world shattering because someone or something caused it to. Shakespeare wrote about a character who was heartbroken and emotionally unbalanced. This character would be Romeo from the Romeo & Juliet play. In the end Romeo ended up committing suicide due to how much heartbreak he had been through.

Heart break affected the decisions and actions of Romeo. Which in return affected the play because Romeo is a main character in the play.

First, not only do the readers gather that Romeo is heartbroken, but other characters in the play notice it as well. Romeo’s own father Montague noticed as well stating “he’s been there many mornings crying tears that add drops to the morning dew and making a cloudy day cloudier with his sighs, but as soon as the sun rises in the east, my sad son comes home to escape the light” .

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His suffering and agony of not capturing the heart of the beloved Rosaline are early indications that Romeo was indeed heartbroken. Later in a conversation back and forth, Romeo makes the statement “my sadness sits heavy in my chest” . Romeo then continues to go back in forth in conversation with Benvolio talking to him about how heartbreak has caused him a great deal of sadness. Today, many teens suffer from heart break as well, and some even commit suicide due to it.

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Even “research shows that breakups are the leading cause of psychological distress and a major cause of suicide among young people”. Therefore, it shows that heart break can cause people to commit suicide. Considering how Romeo ended up doing this, he’s not so different from the average teen going through heart break.

Throughout the play Romeo continues to talk about how in love he is with Rosaline and how heartbroken he is because of her. His friends urge him to move on and forget about Rosaline but he refuses. In an attempt, at putting Romeo in a better mood Benvolio suggests going to the Capulets feast later that night and for Romeo to find a prettier girl than Rosaline. Romeo’s response was “if my eyes ever lie to me like that, let my tears turn into flames and burn them for being such obvious liars, a woman more beautiful than the one I love? the sun itself has never seen anyone as beautiful since the world began” . Clearly Romeo has still not moved on and is heartbroken. He ends up going to the party “not because I think you can show me anything better, but so I can see the woman I love” (5 Romeo and Juliet). In the end he does go to the party but not because he wants to meet a new woman and move on, but because he wants to see the woman he is still in love with, whom he got his heart broke by.

In addition, he ends up going to this party and meeting another young lady named Juliet. She immediately catches his eye and he sys to her “the brightness of your cheeks would outshine the stars the way the sun outshines the lamp”. Juliet has the same thought as well and they both think they are in love. However, in today’s time that would be considered a rebound for Romeo because that’s what happens after heartbreak.” A person might be considered on the rebound if he or she becomes involved in a relationship that shortly follows the ending of a previous one” . At this point in time Romeo feels as if his heart was never broken. He decides he has got to marry this girl even though they are from two different houses. Romeo being a Montague and Juliet a Capulet.

For, them to get married Romeo must sneak around to do it. Romeo is willing to though because he loves Juliet. He gets people in on the plan to get him and Juliet married. They end up getting married but then Romeo is banished from where they live because he killed someone. For, Romeo and Juliet to be together they must somehow run away. They come up with a plan and it goes very wrong and Romeo sees that Juliet has died so he too kills himself. “seal with a righteous kiss the deal I made with death forever”. Due to a broken heart.

On the contrary some might say Romeo’s heart wasn’t truly broken due to his quick ability to fall in love with someone else. However, he was truly heart broken and the weight of being rejected by Rosaline and losing the one whom he was in love with, lead him to committing suicide. All this heavy weight on his heart eventually got too big and he was ready to end his life. He suffered from heartbreak.

In conclusion, Romeo suffered from severe heart break. He was finally able to find joy again in a different lady. Although, ended up killing himself because he saw she was dead. He committed suicide because he felt love wasn’t ever going to work out for him because he got rejected by Rosaline. Then following that, the woman he was married to died. Romeo suffered from heartbreak.

Updated: Feb 28, 2024
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