Fauvism and Similar Perspective to Nature

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Besides impressionism breaking through societal norms, Fauvism was also in the lead alongside impressionism. Their vision of modern art was meant to separate color from what it's meant to be and allow it to form its own interpretation on the canvas. Fauvism reminds me of a quote from Disney’s Alice in wonderland, “Nothing would be what it is because everything would be what it isn't. And contrary-wise; what it is it wouldn't be, and what it wouldn't be, it would.

You see?' Alice in Wonderland went against its norms by portraying the opposite of what was expected and it correlates with the way fauvism is defined.

I enjoyed learning about Fauvism because it gave me insight on the historical context on how movements came about in regards to art. Fauvism rejected what “was” and put a twist on traditional modern art enough to disrupt society as well. It’s inspiring how movements like this went against all norms in a time where norms were very conservative and traditional.

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Henri Matisse is considered the one who influenced Fauvism. He was inspired by the other movements like Neoclassicism , Realism , Impressionism , and Neo-Impressionism. Because of the inspiration from other art styles, he began to question and experiment with various styles and implemented different brushwork accompanied by light and contrast in order to define his own version of art.

A group submerged from this called “The Fauves” in which disentangled forms and saturated colors drew attention to their work. I loved learning how Fauvism valued individual efxpression and how the artists had control over their emotions which played a role in the color scheme while ignoring all traditional ways of art structure.

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Because of this reason,the artist's had full control of the connection to their intuition which overtook whatever academic theory had to say. All elements of painting were welcomed in their form of art.

The Fauves were an unstructured group of artists sharing a similar perspective to nature, but they didn’t have a specific guideline. Matisses’ influences inspired him to reject traditional art academia and moved him towards a self empowerment form of doing art. If it weren't for these brave artists who rejected traditional norms, artists today would have maybe struggled with self expression but because they paved the way for creative people we now have contect and a beautiful history to look back to and see the challenges artists faced in their time.

Updated: Feb 19, 2024
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