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How Does the Rewriting Tool Work?:

  1. Paste the text you need to be reworded in the box and click the “paraphrase” button.
  2. You will see a series of highlighted words in your text. Click on each to view a list of prospective synonyms with which to replace said words.
  3. Replace the original word with the synonym of your choice by clicking on it.
  4. Once you have changed all the words from the original text you deem necessary, click “finish.”
  5. If you are satisfied with the results, copy and paste the text to your desired location.
  6. If you think more changes are necessary at this point, click “retry” to start again, or the “rewrite another text” button to repeat the process on a new text you need reworded.
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A tool that creates great content from previous content is a lifesaver for every essay writer. We provide students with much-needed help in rewriting their papers. You can choose to make only mild adjustments to the original text and opt for a more rigorous spin.

Our AI offers a smart spin feature that automatically spins the article, changing the sentence structure and words while retaining the same meanings. The smart spin gives you a balanced level of rewritten content. The ultra spin feature changes a higher number of words, often rewriting sentences entirely.

Whether you're looking to rewrite an existing paper for improvement or need a brand-new essay crafted swiftly, StudyMoose offers a reliable and fast academic writing service to accommodate both needs. Known for a broad array of specialized essay-writing solutions, StudyMoose employs a team of expert writers capable of reworking existing content to elevate its quality or creating a new essay from scratch, tailored to your specifications.

What is Article Rewriting?

Rewriting an article means spinning the words of the text into your own words. This is different from rewording. Rewording means changing the words in the article to their synonyms. Rewriting involves changing words and the entire structure of the sentence into something completely new while retaining the original context. This is a writing technique that can be used in all text forms. It can be used in the thesis, term papers, speeches, dissertations, and presentations.

It is creating new content out of old content. This can be done manually, but it is draining and time-consuming. A common trap in rewriting is plagiarism. It is easy to have plagiarized content when rewriting an older text. Using essay rewriter-free services such as ours gets an AI on the job, spinning out brand new content within seconds. The spun content is plagiarism-free and can help your articles rank high.

Benefits of Online Essay Rewriter

Our tool does not store your texts, and no third party has access. This guarantees the safety and integrity of your texts. These are more benefits to using our tool rewrite essay. 

Unique and plagiarism free content

Contents gotten from our free essay rewriter is always unique. This tool does not generate texts that would be flagged for plagiarism. Every text generated is run through our customized plagiarism checker to ensure its originality

Easy to use

Using our essay rewriter plagiarism-free, content is generated without breaking a sweat. This tool is very easy to use. Other than the standard captcha check, which protects both the site and its users, you are not required to go through any hurdles to rewrite your essay. Once you paste your contents into the text box, you must hit the ‘rewrite’ button, and the tool goes to work.

No Installation Needed

To avoid essay plagiarism rewriter reframes the style and structure of the text while maintaining the original thoughts and intents. Our tool does all of this while giving you the least stress. Unlike others, you do not need to install this tool to use. You can simply access it on our website and have your content rewritten straight away.

No Usage Limit

We have no limits on the number of times you can rewrite your content. Our tool is free and unlimited. Once you copy and paste, the essay rewriter does the rest, churning out unique contents round the clock. This tool is always available at any time of the day, and you can keep using it till you have no more words to rewrite.

How to Rewrite Your Article?

Using the free essay rewrite generator to spin your content into a whole new text with the same context and meaning is quite easy. To begin with, it is assumed you already have the text you need to get rewritten. If you need an article from scratch, you can hire any of our professional writers to get that done. To use the article rewriter tool, you start with putting your contents in the text box. You can copy and paste your text or upload the entire document.

Your text has to be a minimum of 10 words, and you can rewrite up to 30,000 words in a single instance. Our essay paper rewriter offers you many rewriting options to choose from. You can choose to have your rewritten content in a professional or business template or simply make it casual. Our rewriter tool can make your new text shorter than the original or longer, depending on your choice. You control the level of creativity of our AI to your desired taste.

Once you are satisfied with the settings, hit the ‘rewrite’ button, and within seconds you have freshly written content. You may choose to use the text straight away, or you can still make additional adjustments to each word. Our rewriter provides you with over a dozen synonyms of each word. All you need is to hover the mouse on the word you want to be changed, go through the list of synonyms and select whichever you feel is more suitable.

You can also choose to respin the newly produced content to get another fresh set of content. You may repeat this as many times as you wish. Our article rewriter guarantees you texts that are unique and free of spelling errors. Any text spun out by this tool would successfully scale through any plagiarism checker.

Who can use Article Rewriter?

Everyone who writes regularly can make use of an essay word rewriter. Some professions are aided greatly with the use of this tool. Below are a few:


Students often get a truckload of assignments and have a lot of papers to write. Writing unique content is not so difficult when using a good essay rewriter. It is easier for students to find expressions with words when a tool can rewrite them in different ways.


Teaching is almost impossible without writing. Like every college essay writer, a teacher’s goal is to make the topic or presentation as clear as possible. Our rewriter helps the teacher break down complex words and rewrites notes and presentations in a simpler way to grasp.


A writer’s primary tool is words. A good handle of that tool is possible when you can easily spin it into many variations. Researchers also get to communicate their plans and findings better when writing it in different ways. As a writer or researcher, when you use our essay rewriter online tool, you are guaranteed complete safety for your content and research on our site.


Writing a blog means consistently producing a quality level of content, and the hallmark of a good blog is unique articles. Our online essay rewriter is every blogger’s companion. Creating great blog content is a smooth walk when using our article rewriter, as it can spin a text into a more creative version, all with the click of a button.

SEO Experts

Optimizing a text for a search engine means you have to structure the texts in a way that is acceptable to the platform. SEO experts understand the importance of being able to put the same text in another format or pattern to enable rank properly. Our automatic essay rewriter makes that possible and is the perfect tool for every SEO expert.

We are always ready to write a great essay for you!

If you have extra requirements that you need to adhere to when rewriting, or you require a human touch to rewriting, our team is the best option to handle that. We have a band of versatile writers across different niches experienced at rewriting articles. If practice truly makes perfect, we have the writers to breathe freshness and uniqueness into your texts.

A major edge we offer is the ability to select any writer of your choice. You can choose from a rich assortment of writers who are native English speakers; you can see their track records and ratings from other users to guide you into making a choice. You can share your exact thoughts and instructions directly with them. This ensures the papers are done to your taste. We provide you with an essay rewriter without plagiarism, and you are guaranteed a unique, rewritten paper.

Check out our free tools for writing your essay

We have a lot of tools that are important and useful in writing your papers. Our priority is for you to write your essays as smoothly as possible, and these are tools that can be of immense help.

  1. Plagiarism Checker: If you desire to know how much of your text is plagiarized, you can use our leading plagiarism checker. This tool highlights areas that need to be paraphrased or replaced completely.
  2. Conclusion Generator: a perfect conclusion exists, and this tool helps you craft one. You no longer need to be stuck writing your conclusions, just copy and paste your text into the text box and hit summarize. The tool generates an ending that is in perfect sync with your essay.
  3. Citation Generator: entering the names of authors and publications can slow down your writing. This tool handles all that for you. It automatically inputs the citations in your preferred formats.
  4. Case Converter: Do you need to make a change in the case of your contents? Perhaps you used uppercase where you intended to use the lowercase or vice versa; you do not have to retype the texts. The case converter makes these adjustments with much ease.
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