Disney Princess and Aladdin Essay

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Disney Princess and Aladdin

The wicked Jafar, and his trusty parrot Iago, receive one half of an ancient scarab from the thief, Gazeem. Jafar reaches into his robes and produces the other half. As Jafar place the two halves together, the magic scarab being to glow and sparkle. The scarab leaps out of Jafar’s hands. “Quickly!” he shouts to his horse, “Follow the trail!” The scarab scuttles across the desert sands under the beautiful Arabian night sky with Jafar, Iago and Gazeem in fast pursuit The scarab leads Jafar, Iago and Gazeem to a small mound of sand, it then slits in a half and plunges into the sand. A fierce tiger’s head rises, roaring, from the desert. “Now remember,” Jafar warns Gazeem. “Bring me the lamp. The rest of the treasure is yours, but the lamp is mine! As Gazeem steps warily into the cave, the tiger-god bellows, “Only one may enter here, one whose worth lies deep within…the Diamond in the Rough!” The tiger-god’s mouth clamps shut over the unfortunate Gazeem and the head dissapears back into the sand.

“I must find this one- this Diamond in the Rough,” Jafar tells Iago. In the bustling city of Agrabah there is a lively and crowded marketplace. Merchants sell all kind of household items from pots and ladles to clothing, and olives the townspeople need for their everyday lives. In Agrabah lives a young man called Aladdin. His only friend is Abu, a mischievous monkey, and his only food is what he can get by his wits. Aladdin is always in trouble with the sultan’s guards who call him a thief, but they can never catch him. Sometimes it takes all of Aladdin’s mischief, for them to stay one step ahead of the guards. Although Aladdin is starving, he is also generous. When he sees two little street urchins who look even hungrier then he is, he gives them the bread he has gone to so much trouble to get. Abu isn’t quite as happy about giving up his half of the loaf! When Prince Achmed rides into the marketplace on a magnificent, jeweled horse, Aladdin and Abu stare.

How wonderful it would be to have even one of those jewels. They could eat for a year! “On his way to the palace, I suppose,” comments someone standing nearby. “Another suitor for the princess.” When the poor children wander out into the street, Aladdin leaps to rescue them from the horse’s hooves. “Out of my way!” Bellows Prince Achmed, knocking Aladdin aside and into a puddle of mud. Aladdin chases after the prince, “if I were as rich as you I could afford some matters!” he shouts at him. Prince Achmed yells, “You were born as street rat and you’ll die as street rat!” as he swept through the palace gates. The slam shut in Aladdin’s face. “I’m not worthless. I’m not a street rat,” says Aladdin shaking his head. Aladdin and Abu go to their home, which is nothing more than a dilapidated rooftop. It’s cold in the desert at night, so it isn’t much to come home to. “Someday, Abu,” Aladdin promises the monkey, “things are going change. We’ll be dressed in robes instead of rags.”

From their rooftop home, Aladdin and Abu can see the magnificent palace glowing in the distance. “That’d be the life, huh, Abu,” Aladdin sighs as he gazes at the spectacular building. “To be rich, live in a palace, and never have any problems at all.” At the palace, the sultan is furious with Princess Jasmine. Her pet tiger Rajah has chased away an insulted Prince Achmed. Jasmine doesn’t seem the least bit worried. “The law says you must be married to a prince by your next birthday! You have only three more days,” the sultan says. “The law is wrong!” Jasmine replies. Poor Jasmine has never been outside the palace in her life, never done anything on her own. She feels just like the birds in the cage. Suddenly, on an impulse, she opens the gate and lets the birds fly free. Her heart flies away with them but she’s still trapped.

Jasmine makes up her mind, She won’t marry any of the horrible pompous princes who have come to call. She knows what she will do – she’ll run away. That night, after saying goodbye to Rajah, she slips over the palace wall to a land she has never visited before. Since the sultan doesn’t know what to do about his willful daughter, he asks his most trusted advisor, none other than Jafar. But Jafar has plans of his own. He wants to gain possession of the sultan’s Blue Diamond ring. The sultan is surprised by Jafar’s request for his ring, but Jafar assures him it will help them find a prince to marry Princess Jasmine. Just to be certain, Jafar hypnotizes the sultan who, in a trance, hands over the ring. With the ring in his possession, Jafar returns to his secret laboratory. “This Blue Diamond will reveal us teh Diamond in the Rough – the one who can enter the cave and bring us the lamp,” says Jafar. “Soon I will be sultan!”

When the marketplace comes to lif ein the morning, Jasmine is entranced. She has never seen so many people or things. How different the world is outside the palace! A small child looking longingly at the apples on a merchants cart. “You must be hunry,” says Jasmine, and hands the child an apple. “You’d better pay for that,” the merchant says to her. “Pay?” asks Jasmine. She never had to pay for anything in her life before. “Thief!” the merchant yells and grabs Jasmine’s arm. Aladdin, who has noticed the beautiful young girl, realizes she in trouble. He pretends that Jasmine is his sister and tells the merchant that the girl is crazy. Aladdin whispers to Jasmine to play along. The merchant falls for the trick…until Abu drops a few apples he’s sneaked for himself. Aladdin and Jasmine break into a run to get away from the angry merchant. Finally, they arrive back at Aladdin’s rooftop home. Aladdin is impressed at Jasmine’s nimble fearlessness; it’s no easy route to the roof.

When Aladdin and Jasmine talk on the roof, they find out that both of them feel trapped in their lives. They don’t know that through sorcery, Jafar has located his Diamond in the Rough – Aladdin. Before long, Jafar sends the guards to arrest Aladdin. Abu tries to warn his master, but Aladdin isn’t paying attention when the palace guards burst in. Jasmine and Aladdin have to get away from the palace guards. “Do you trust me?” asks Aladdin. Startled Jasmine answers “Yes” “Then jump!” Aladdin cries. The two with Abu, leap off the roof. A canopy breaks their fall and they quickly get to their feet. Jasmine and Aladdin have to get away from the palace guards. “Do you trust me?” asks Aladdin. Startled Jasmine answers “Yes” “Then jump!” Aladdin cries. The two with Abu, leap off the roof. A canopy breaks their fall and they quickly get to their feet. Princess Jasmine reveals her true identity and orders the guards to let Aladdin go. “I would, Princess,” says Razoul, the head guard, “except my order come from Jafar.

You’ve to take it up with him.” “Believe me,” Princess Jasmine mutters. “I will.” As soon as she gets back to the palace, Princess Jasmine storms into Jafar’s chamber to demand Aladdin’s release. Jafar tells the horrified princess that Aladdin has already been to death for kidnapping her. That evening, Jasmine is inconsolable. “Oh Rajah, this is all my fault,” she sobs in her beloved tiger. “I don’t even know his name.” Rajah is heartbroken to see the princess so sad. Aladdin is not dead, as Jafar had told the princess, but locked up in the dungeon. Soon, Abu finds him, and helps him pick the locks of his chains. Abu tries to scold Aladdin for getting himself mixed up with a girl, but Aladdin disagrees. “Hey, she was in trouble,” he says, then shakes his head.. “I’ll never see her again. I’m a street rat, remember. She deserves a prince.” “I’m a fool,” says Aladdin, thinking about Jasmine. “Only if you give, boy,” replies a voice. Jafar, disguised as an old man, appears from the shadows.

“I know a cave filled with treasures.. enough to impress your princess. I need a young pair of legs and a strong back to go in after it.” Soon Aladdin and Jafar, still in disguise, have escaped from the dungeon and arrive at the Cave of Wonders. “Proceed!” the tiger-god commands when Aladdin states his name. “Touch nothing but the lamp.” When Aladdin and Abu arrive at the treasure chamber, they can’t believe their eyes. Everywhere, piled high, are thousands of jewels and mountains of gold dazzle their eyes. “Just a handful of this would make me richer then the sultan!” exclaims Aladdin. Then he reminds Abu, “Don’t touch anything” Behind Aladdin and Abu, a gold-tasseled carpet comes to life. At first they don’t notice it floating behind them, but soon they realize they are in the presence of a magic carpet. “Maybe you can help us,” Aladdin says to the carpet. “We’re trying to find this lamp.” The magic carpet is happy to show the way to where a battered old oil lamp stands on a high pedestal.

Aladdin slowly reaches out to take the lamp into his handWhile Aladdin is collecting the lamp, Abu is overwhelmed by temptation. Surely the cave won’t miss one little gem. The moment he grabs the stone, a rumbling and shaking begin. Aladdin almost falls into a pool of boiling lava as the carpet rushes in to save him. Just in time, Aladdin pulls Abu aboard. Outside the cave, Jafar look on in alarm as thunder booms and lighting flashes around him. The tiger-god roars in anger. The carpet is caught under a falling rock and Abu and Aladdin are thrown off. A huge chasm opens between them as Abu and Aladdin scramble for the cave opening. Abu escapes, but the ground gives way and Aladdin is left hanging by his fingers The old man, whom Aladdin still does not know is Jafar is disguise, leans into the cave. “Throw me the lamp!” he demands. “I can’t hold on,” cries Aladdin.

“Give me your hand!” But Jafar insists. “First, give me the lamp!” “Yes!” cries Jafar, when Aladdin has handed over the lamp. “It’s mine at last!” While Abu is helping Aladdin out of the cave, Jafar drawn his dagger. Aladdin has been betrayed! Aladdin struggles with Jafar and Abu does what he can, but Jafar manages to push the two back into the cave. They tumble down a long chute. The magic carpet frees itself just in time to break their fall. When Aladdin wakes up, he realizes that he and Abu are stuck in the cave, and that Jafar has taken the lamp. Abu chatters excitedly, and reveals that he has the lamp! Aladdin studies the lamp and trying to make out some writing on the side of it, wipes away the years of dust. The lamp begins to glow. Pooof! colored smoke fills the cave and forms itself into a huge genie.

“Say, you’re allot smaller then my last master,” declares the genie, “I’m your master?” gasps Aladdin. The Genie announces to Aladdin that he can have three wishes for anything he desires. To prove it, the genie conjures up an ever-changing parade of dancers, gourmet food, treasure, camels and horses. “There are a few previous, a couple of quid pro quo” cautions the genie. “I can’t kill anybody… I can’t make anybody fall in love with anyone else… I can’t bring people back from the dead. Other than that, you got it.” Aladdin doesn’t know what to wish for and asks the genie what he would wish for. “Freedom” the genie replies. “Genies are prisoners. We have phenomenal cosmic powers, itty bitty living space. The only way out is for my master to wish me free. Aladdin considers. “I’ll do it. I’ll set you free,” he tells the genie. The genie looks doubtful. “Really, I promise- after me first two wishes, I’ll use my third wish to set you free.

Suddenly Aladdin knows what wants. “There’s this girl,” he says, “but she’s the princess. To even have a chance, I’d have to be… Hey! Can you make me a prince?” The genie raises an eyebrow. “Say the magic words,” he says. In no time, Aladdin is outfitted with the most glorious robes a prince has ever owned. Looking at his own elegant reflection, he hardly recognizes himself. “Still needs something,” muses the genie. “Mode of transportation!” Enlisting Abu, the genie transforms the startled monkey into a camel, then a stallion and several other things. Finally he settles on a magnificent riding elephant. Back at the palace, Jafar and Iago are hatching a wicked plot. If Jafar can’t have the lamp, he will have to gain power another way. Iago has an idea. What if Jafar were to marry the princess? Then he could get rid of the sultan and Jasmine and have all power in the kingdom.

Floating down from his elephant on the magic carpet, Aladdin introduces himself to the sultan as Prince Ali Ababwa, and announces that he has come to seek Princess Jasmine’s hand. Jafar is not pleased to see “Prince Ali.” This might be then end of his plan to marry the princess and take over the kingdom. He tries to get Aladdin to leave, but the sultan is anxious to try out the magic carpet. The sultan enjoys his carpet ride and is very impressed with “Prince Ali.” Jafar tries to damped the sultan’s enthusiasm but Aladdin is confident. “Just let her meet me, I will win your daughter,” he boasts Princess Jasmine hears Aladdin’s boast that he will marry her, and is not pleased. “How dare you!” she snaps. “All of you! Standing around deciding my future!”I am not a prize to be won!” She turns on her heel and storms form the room. Aladdin is upset that he has made Princess Jasmine angry. This isn’t how it is supposed to go. The sultan, too, is disappointed, but reassures Aladdin that the princess will calm down. That night, Aladdin walks in the garden under Jasmine’s window and asks the genie for advice.

He has lost confidence in his “prince act.” The genie recommends that Aladdin tells the princess who he really is, and just be himself. Princess Jasmine has still not cheered up. She is sitting alone in her room when Aladdin startles her by appearing on the balcony. She tries to send him away, but just as he turns in the light, she thinks there’s something familiar about him. Jasmine and Aladdin begin to talk. It looks like things are going well until Jasmine suddenly turns and accuses “Prince Ali” of being a swaggering peacock like all the other princess she’s met. Disguised as a bee, the genie repeats his advice to Aladdin. “Be yourself!” When Aladdin agrees that the princess should be allowed to make up her own mind, Jasmine begins to soften a little towards him. Aladdin invites her on a magic carpet ride, and Jasmine quickly agrees. She’s a little nervous, but when Aladdin asks, “Do you trust me?” Jasmine and Aladdin fly across the sky on the magic carpet.

It’s a wonderful ride and they see magnificent sights. Aladdin swoops down into an orchard and picks Jasmine an apple. Again, she thinks of the boy she met in the marketplace. The carpet comes to a rest on a roof where Aladdin and Princess Jasmine stop to watch a wonderful fireworks display. Jasmine casually remarks that Abu should have been with them, and Aladdin falls right into her trap. “You are the boy from the marketplace!” Jasmine exclaims. But Aladdin isn’t ready to reveal who he really is, and pretends that Aladdin was Prince Ali in disguise. Finally, Aladdin flies princess Jasmine back to the palace. Jasmine steps onto the balcony, then turns toward Aladdin. They smile at each other over the railing. The carpet, impatient for the romance to get started, bumps Aladdin so that he kisses Jasmine. It’s a wonderful kiss, and Aladdin realizes he is in love. “Good night, my handsome prince,” Jasmine says, backing into her charmer.

Sleep well, Princess,” Aladdin replies. Aladdin has sooner floated down from Jasmine’s balcony that he is grabbed by the palace guards. Abu too, has been captured, Jafar order the guards to tie and gag Aladdin and cast him into the ocean. As Aladdin sinks into the sea, turban where he hid the lamp, slips from his head. Fighting for air and growing dizzy, Aladdin tries to get to the lamp. Finally, he reaches it and is able to give it a feeble rub. The genie, disturbed from his bath, is ready to joke with Aladdin until he sees that his young master is drowning. “I can’t help you unless you make a wish.” Aladdin is barely conscious, but the genie gets him to respond and lifts him to safely in the nick of time. At the palace, Jasmine rushed to tell her father about the wonderful evening she has spent with Aladdin. She arrives to find that Jafar has put his plan into action and has hypnotized the sultan Jasmine vows angry that she will never marry Jafar. Just as jafar is telling that “Prince Ali” has left like all the other princes, Aladdin appears in the throne room and accuses Jafar of trying to kill him.

As soon as the sultan comes out of his trance, he understands what has happened. “Guards!’ he commands. “Arrest Jafar at once!” Jafar yells as he is dragged from the room, “This is not done yet, boy!” He throws a smoke pellet and vanishes into thin air. Although the sultan is angry at Jafar’s treachery, he is overjoyed to find out that Jasmine is in love with Aladdin. Finally she has chosen a suitor! The sultan is so happy he announces they will be wed at once. “You’ll be happy, prosperous, “he says, “and then you, my boy will become sultan!” Aladdin is worried about becoming a sultan. He knows he doesn’t have a fine moral character. He’s just a street rat, and a lying one, too. He isn’t Prince Ali, he’s just plain Aladdin. If only he could tell Jasmine the truth. Now he can’t even fulfill his promise to free the genie. He just might need one more wish… Jafar tells Iago that they can still win if they can get the lamp, so Iago disguises his voice as Jasmine’s to lure Aladdin out of chambers.

The wily bird hurries into the empty room and quickly steals the lamp. Now that Jafar has possession of the lamp, the genie must grant his every wish. The genie doesn’t want to work for the sorcerer, but he must. Jafar is his new master now. Jafar makes his first wish: he wants to be sultan. Reluctantly, the genie transforms him. Jafar now wears the white robes of the sultan. He is delighted to be the most powerful man in the kingdom! When the genie makes a new sultan, he unmakes the old one. The old sultan’s disappear, and the castle is move to a high mountain peak. “I am your sultan now!” declares Jafar. “Bow down to me.” But Jasmine and her father refuse. “We will never bow to you,” they swear. Jafar is ready to make his next wish: to become the most powerful sorcerer in the world. The genie grants him his wish. Jafar uses his new skills to expose “Prince Ali” for his he really is – a street rat named Aladdin. Jafar uses his power to turn a palace tower into a rocket.

He fires Aladdin and Abu to the ends of the earth, where they will never trouble him again. Aladdin and Abu are shivering, and nearly killed by a rolling tower, but they still have the magic carpet. “I made a mess of everything.” Aladdin tells the monkey. “I’ve got to go back and set things right.” Together they fly on the carpet back to the palace at Agrabah. A the palace, Jafar rules. The genie and Princess Jasmine are his slaves, and the sultan has been reduced to the court jester. Jasmine is the only one who notices Aladdin slipping in through the window. To distract Jafar, so that Aladdin can get the lamp, she pretends to be in love with him. Jafar is delighted at the unexpected turn of events. Jafar suddenly notices Aladdin;s reflection in Princess Jasmine’s polished crown. Turning sharply, he barks “You! How many times do I have to kill you, boy!” Jafar aims a blast from his staff at Aladdin, and traps Jasmine in an hour glass.

He uses all of his sorcery to create walls of flame and falling swords around the lamp. “Are you afraid to fight me yourself, you cowardly snake?” challenges Aladdin. Jafar instantly turns himself into a snake and lunges at Aladdin. Aladdin fights back with his sword. Tim is running out for Princess Jasmine, who is being buried alive by the sand in the hourglass. Soon, Jafar has Aladdin trapped in his coils. If only Aladdin had freed the genie he had the chance, Jafar would never have had all this power! “You’re not so powerful, ” Aladdin taunts Jafar. “The genie has more power than you’ll ever have!” The genie is alarmed. What is Aladdin up to? Jafar takes the bait. “I’m ready to make my third wish,” declares Jafar. “I wish to be an all powerful genie!” The genie must grant the wish. In an instant, Jafar is a genie. For a moment, he exults in his new power. Then gold cuffs clamp themselves to his wrists, and Jafar begins to realize what is happening.

A lamp appears to suck him in and he takes Iago with him at the last moment. Aladdin grins. “Phenomenal cosmic powers… itty bitty living space.” When the genie tosses the lamp into the Cave of Wonders for a few millennia Jafar’s magic comes undone. The sultan and Princess Jasmine are free, and all their friends return to normal. Aladdin and Jasmine stand together on the palace balcony. “I’m sorry I lied to you,” says Aladdin. “I guess this is goodbye, ” “That stupid law,” storms Jasmine. ‘This isn’t fair. I love you.” The genie can’t bear it. “You’re got one more wish left,” he reminds Aladdin. “Just say the word and you’re a prince again.” Aladdin knows what he has to do.

He loves Jasmine and wants to be a prince so he can marry her, but he has promised the genie. He has learned how important a promise is. “Genie,” he says. “I wish for your freedom.” The genie can hardly believe it when his cuffs melt away. ”You’ll always be a prince to me,” the genie says to Aladdin. “That’s right,” agrees the sultan. “You’ve certainly proven you worth. What we need is a new law!” And the sultan, who is after all the sultan, pronounces a new law then and there. The princess can marry whomever she chooses! Princess Jasmine instantly chooses Aladdin. She is thrilled to finally have control over her own life. Aladdin is thrilled too, and lifts Jasmine high in the air. Now that Genie is free, he’s off to see the world. He has big plans, and plenty of places to go. But first, it’s time for a big hug for the only master who ever wanted to do something for him.

As the genie sails off into the sky, Jasmine and Aladdin wave goodbye. They stand side by side, holding hands, knowing they will always be together.

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