Current Threats To Conservation

A great many people have no clue exactly how much the rainforest is influencing our lives. A significant number of our nourishment and drug come specifically from our rainforest. Indeed, even the oxygen we breathe is an immediate capacity of the rainforest. On the off chance that we let the rainforest vanish, the outcome would wreck. The Fiji tropical rain forest has been one of the major resources nowadays in Fiji where more tourism come to visit and surprised with the look.

It depends on how we conserve and preserve our rain forest resources. The defluctuation of resources in Fiji depends on how people manage to use in ways they implement which damage others life for economic purposes. Nichole Reyes, Amanda Rocha, Denise Rosello, Lauren Sagun, Mario Sanchez, Chante Sandiford, Christopher Santiago, Shayan Sayadi, Andrea Schneck.

In their study, based on the tropical dry forest in Fiji, which is one of the extinction and threaten forest in Fiji. Thus, includes clearing without effort of surveying, fire, grazing, invasive species that contribute to the problems.

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According to Sisto, N., (2001), state fire is most contributing to the global warming. Few islands in Viti Levu and Vanua Levu has been neglected to these problems includes the Yadua, Mamanuca and Yasawa groups. The author mentioned that lack of knowledge leads to the excessive destruction of forest in Fiji.

Whereby, the conservation of forest a mainly depend on government policy in the 1970. And in 2009 the policy neglected with the coups that has happened. With lack of resources and poor management of resources, the policy to declined.

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The author mentioned that when they did not take this risk into consideration the Fiji government take a step to towards improvement and make changes. Thus the author argues with conserve of forest by state that, the ministry of tourism than make changes in 1999 and create ecotourism to sustain, protect and conserve resources. Some non-government organization also contributes with the help and support the government in minimizes the fact. These are the Fiji Council of Social Services, South Pacific Health Committee and the Fiji /German Agency.

Another major concern is the grazing which many farmers especially in the western division increase livestock. The author mentioned that if the goats continue to increase it will affect the environment and also causes some diseases too. Thus, the author mentioned that the ministry of agriculture reasoning the importance of goat and support farmers to develops, which can be the source of meat Nadder, G, Z. Henkin. E, Smith, R. Ingram and N. Narvaez, (2007), state that, Domesticated animals brushing plays a key part in keeping up species-rich environments by controlling progressively forceful species which would some way or another rule these zones and by averting clean infringement. Whereas, the author argument for stop grazing in Fiji. Whereas the author mentioned that in 1972, Ministries of Agriculture promote the number of goat in the west, especially the Indian settlers who planted sugarcane in Ba. Goats become the source of meat and also contribute to positive economic impact in Fiji.

However, the author mentioned that deforestation is one of the major issues that contribute to tropical dry forest in Fiji. Stechman, J. V. (1998), state that, deforestation affect most of the habitat of living things in the forest. Example, birds, small and large insect and other mammals. The destroying of forest for more than 35 years ago occurs when the first two settlers arrive in Fiji (Melanesian, Polynesian). Forest is cleared, logging, for commercial purposes and urban development. Whereby, the government policy has play a vital role in deals with excessive cutting down of trees. Thus the author supports the conservation forest by state that, the government introduces some laws to support their role in conserving the tropical rainforest. License implement for those who cut trees and land right given to the landowners. Prasad, B. C, (1998), mentioned that the Ministry should raise awareness program should be conducted to all rural areas in conserving the forest. The author state that deforestation is continuously increased since 1990 to 2010, a lot of dry forest and resources has been removed. We can see that the author argues with the negative impact of deforestation by state that many hectares of land are lost (3,050 hectares).

To conclude, Fiji's rain forest is an indispensable piece of the existence of emotionally supportive networks of the planet performing various biological and social capacities that are basic for the continuation of life on earth. Where most people all around the world come to enjoy. But the loss of these timberlands establishes a worldwide crisis. A huge number of hectares of these woodlands are lost because of fast inhabitant growth, agriculture, land hypothesis, business gains and machine-driven improvement. So, we as a people of Fiji should work together as a team in preserving and conserving our natural land for us and for our future generation.


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Updated: Nov 01, 2022
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