Coyote Community College Essay

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Coyote Community College

This paper tends to discuss the and review the types of measures included in each perspective of the Coyote Community College such as Funder/financial perspective, Student/participant perspective, Internal Process perspective, and Innovation and process perspective. In addition, this review paper also discusses about how these said perspectives are measured based from the description of the college and even the college’s environment. The Funder/Financial view includes the measures: State revenues ?

Tuition and fees revenues ? Grant and foundation funding ? direct costs (Evans & 2007) The Student/Participant view includes the measures: Enrollment ? % of the citizen’s participating in programs and also events ? Student goal attainment ? Number of students completing their occupational degree and certificate programs ? passing rates on licensure and Certification exams ? Certificate programs ? Student success at transfer institutions ? Graduate placement rate ? Graduate hourly rage ?

New Mexico state competency examination pass rates ? Student persistence ? course completion rate ? % Technology delivered offerings ? Responsiveness to request for courses and workshops ? Student/stakeholder satisfaction with programs and instructional services (Evans & 2007) The Internal Process view includes the measures: High value content of curricula ? Cycle time for curricula development ? Implementation of individualized learning ? Learner involvement in active learning ? Basic skills improvement ?

Attainment of program competencies ? ESL/Remedial preparation for college eligibility ? Access for underserved groups ? Student satisfaction with student services ? Student satisfaction with support process The Innovation and Resource view includes the measures: Faculty/Staff satisfaction surveys ? Faculty/Staff retention ? ESL expertise ? Training and development in key areas ? Faculty and Staff technology tool availability ? Investment in technology to support learning programs (Evans & 2007) How measures are made

In order to put the inputs for measuring each of the Coyote Community Colleges’ perspectives, they uses the “LEARN Philosophy” which basically stands for Learning Excellence, Assessment, and Recognize Needs (Evans & 200). The balanced scorecard that they use is called the LEARN board. It is explained that the institution’s stakeholders are represented although the four perspectives of the LEARNing board, since it is systemized in this kind of measurement, the leadership team are able to balance all of its stakeholder’s needs (Evans & 2007).

In order to make and complete these measures on each and every perspective, the Vice President and the Dean of Instruction conducts a monthly meeting with the managers of the different offices’ reports. They do this to gain the reports regarding with the progress reviews towards their certain goals (Evans & 200). On the simplest explanation, the actual of the institution are obliged to submit their annual report to the Leadership Team, who on the other hand, summarizes all the performance made.

This performance includes the relevant learning board measures during the current academic year. Therefore, in order to do the systemized measuring, the institution collects all the data from each and every actual, and then summarizes it to figure out whether they did or did not meet their institution’s goal. They base their measuring from all their institution’s perspectives. References Evans, J. R. , & , W. M. L. (2007). Managing for Quality and Performance Excellence (7th ed. ): Thomson South-Western.

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