Comprehensive Overview Of Amazon: Company Background, Challenges, And Recommendations

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The Organization Background.

It had the opportunity to be one of the largest companies to sell goods via internet. We now that was founded in 1995 which launched the following year. If we recollecting we know that amazon were founded as book shop in his garage house very soon it starts to diversify and getting good annual growth.

Long Term Vision.

Jeff Bezos not only believes in putting consumers first but also ownership from its own team. ‘’Having a great team it also matter when you try to build something so amazing’’.

The team are thinking that they long term vision will make it work. Approximately all enterprises try to achieve short term success and happiness but for long term is being killing the good ideas which did very contemplate itself a wholly Customers satisfaction and service provider. In fact, it has described itself as "customer-torment." The firm really agrees that if they don’t listen to the buyer, likely that it will fall.

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Amazon has asset that it wants to take lead of any option that presents itself to the company during a time of unprecedented technological insurrection.

Amazon. Com

In 2001, the transactions went up around $3.12 billion dollars, were they have been increased up 13% . Following the next quarter, improved a landmark that for this time it has been unsustainable for many firms. It has reached of net earnings about $5 million that current year. Upcoming year 2002 the firm open new retail venture idea for clothing like The Gap and Lands' End.

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After reporting a loss of $149 million for the year and improvement from the $567 million loss announcement in 2001. In the last quarter of the successive year, the firm secured a quarterly net profit of $3 million — the next succeeding year net profit in its history. So as we can see the revenue was very important for them.

During the time that obtaining next three months net interest was a, huge point for growing up firm. July 2002,a business article said that "after seven years and more than $1 billion in losses, Amazon is still a work in process." And still very big technological provider of shopping online as it prove to many of us the long-term strategy works. Although with the loses from the last couple of year Jeff Bezos still confident on the future. With an impressive $3.8 billion in sales is yet to show as the future for new invention and progress to be made.

Mission, Vision, and Values

Amazon is led by three principles: They chose the buyer obsession rather contestant focus on other firm, desire for innovation, earning trust and deliver good result for long period of time. As Amazon describes in its mission statement everything the firm does is about enhancing the customer experience and in constant renovation and design for a bright future of innovation. Amazon has massive technology core were keeps Amazon running is entirely Linux-based. Amazon has around three largest Linux databases, with total capacity 7.8 terabytes, 18,5 TB, 24,7 TB respectively. The core of Amazon data warehouses is made up of 28 Hewlett Packard servers with four CPUs per node, running Oracle 9i database software.

The compensation at is known for being competitive. Benefits may change from time to time, but generally, include the following components:

  • Medical, dental and vision insurance with domestic partner coverage
  • Company-paid basic life and accident coverage with optional additional coverage
  • Company-paid short- and long-term disability plan
  • Employee assistance program, including dependent care referral services and financial/legal services
  • Health-care and dependent-care flexible spending accounts
  • Time off benefits for salaried employees Savings and retirement benefits include Restricted Stock Units, 401(k) savings plan with a company match.
  • Many positions are eligible for relocation assistance through a relocation services provider. as well increase in size their commercial activity by of purchasing in early 1998. One strategic movement I was implemented to acquire two companies were they will grow and develop true the Europe. In UK the largest bookshop gave option to start on Britain system. Another German company called Telebook gave a wave to spread their system in German. Both companies not only gave Amazon .com to hold and have new customers in Europe, but also gave chance for their bookshop commerce to be more powerful and achievable books from around the world. The Internet Movie Database (IMD), it was the third acquisition, it is a plan for new movie industry to provide online movie sales for the America. This tremendous strategy it was to build new and friendly movie entertainment. This all are parts to build grate amazon system and improve more data and knowledge for what we call today

In late 1998 Jeff Bezos took another step in music industry as trying to make a great place for customers. Bezos he appealed for the team to make it look better and useful for people and easy to use. Couple of months later it was finished with new area or you could enjoy their 30 days amazon music. New music all the time listen offline with unlimited skips. As Amazon starts in 1998 they develop as well the music industry beginning with 130.000 new playlist music as the customers could have they favorite music as we see this changes we saw new design of the web to attract more people.

Website system, database and order fulfillment system used

The first step of the buying process is to access Amazons website and log into your account. The website then changes based on your previous searches on Amazon and products purchased. Thus, nearly everyone’s Amazon experience is unique with a personalized layout. However most orders go through Amazon’s warehouses, which are spread out across the world. These are stocked based on algorithms that predict the types and number of products being ordered in that region. These algorithms and fulfillment centers are one of the differentiators between Amazon and other online retailers. They make up the secret sauce that allows the company to consistently deliver faster and offer cheaper prices and then placed in a waiting delivery truck. The entire process may only take few minutes from when the customer gives a final confirmation.

Problems and Challenges of online shopping, transactions and payments

Customers should not worry about any significant security threat from sharing payment information on Amazon. The company has never had any significant breach of security, as it understands that buyers trusting the company is integral to its future success. Many buyers keep uploaded payment information on Amazon to activate one-click ordering. Another concern about buying online is that many people are accustomed to touching and feeling a product before buying. This may not be necessary for books but it is certainly so for clothes or shoes. However, Amazon has a burgeoning business in these products because it has a hassle-free return policy for customers. If customers are in any way unsatisfied with their purchase, they receive a full refund with no questions asked.

Many of the benefits of buying on Amazon have been detailed in this article, including Amazon's excellent customer service, return policy, security, logistics, low prices and customized experience. Of course, there are some ways in which customers find Amazon lacking. Many of these grievances stem from the company's ruthlessness in dominating online retail. In its zeal for lower prices and market share, it tends to underpay workers in its fulfillment centers and squeeze sellers on its website. Amazon and other large online retailers are able to offer lower costs because they are replacing these workers with technology. Amazon has so far done a spectacular job in optimizing its shipping operation.

Perhaps the big risk facing Amazon is hackers no company can completely guarantee that its security won’t be breached. That’s large concern at a company that could have its store knocked offline or the hundreds of millions of credit cards it holds information on compromised. Amazon laid out its concerns in its annual report.

The online retailer also acknowledged that it does use some third-party technology and that could be breached as well. Amazon even admits that while it has "developed systems and processes that are designed to protect customer information and prevent data loss and other security breaches In the United States, Amazon has an estimated 65 million Prime members, about 52% of its total customers, according to data from (CIRP). Serving those customers and keeping them happy is the core of the retailer's business, but the company acknowledges that shipping could become a problem.


Amazon’s suggestion are useful way of discovering new items articles but if you buy present for someone else, then Amazon starts recommending unrelated products. The ability to label suck purchase it will resolve this problem for the future acquirements. If I liked an author/book I would like that notify me when new book or product will be realized to the public perhaps one day they will implement that. In general reviews are source of getting your product to the new level but as we can see is not familiar with this kind of system where you could leave a feedback to particular book or product and make it better. Companies like Reevoo do this well, as their reviews are left by people who have actually bought the product in question.

Perhaps Amazon could highlight those users who have bought the product from the site, which should be more reliable, or else allow other users to rate the reviewers so people can have more information on which to base their decision.

Less advertising on product pages:

This is another thing that adds to the clutter on the page, and potentially distracts shoppers from their purchases: Why, when you are thinking of buying from the site, would Amazon want you to click on an ad and go elsewhere?

Perhaps in their case they are confident that you will come back to make a purchase, but I wouldn't recommend this for any other e-commerce site. The fewer distractions on product pages, such a good way is to have a clean web page and make it better for customers.

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Updated: Feb 02, 2024
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