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Components of Professional Appearance Essay

Business frock. personal training. organic structure linguistic communication. and attitude are constituents of a person’s professional visual aspect. These things can function as signifiers of gestural communicating and send messages to others about an person. Before a individual of all time speaks a word. typically others around them can do judgements and signifier sentiments based on the elusive messages provided by that person’s visual aspect. These constituents mostly act upon how good an person is received and how good their message in heard.

They can besides impact ongoing things like occupation public presentation and fiscal compensation. I researched how these constituents of professional visual aspect can impact an person in the concern environment. In this paper. I provided illustrations of some factors that are considered in a person’s professional visual aspect in item. Besides. I provided some general guidelines to follow to show a proper professional visual aspect. Finally. I outlined some illustrations of how these things can function to assist or harm an person in the workplace.

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Keywords: gestural communicating. concern garb. hygiene. organic structure linguistic communication. attitude.

Components of Professional Appearance

“First feelings are frequently permanent feelings ; research shows that 55 per centum of this first feeling is based on appearance” ( Chaney & A ; Martin. 2007 ) . Opinions can be formed before any verbal communicating is of all time made. Sing this. professional visual aspect is an of import factor in how a individual is perceived and how good they are received in the concern universe. It can besides impact how good an single performs and how long they are able to keep a presence in that environment.

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Professional visual aspect includes a person’s concern frock. personal training. organic structure linguistic communication. and attitude. How does professional visual aspect affect you in the concern universe? See the undermentioned state of affairs. You have two campaigners for a gross revenues place that you are traveling to interview. Both have really similar work experience. educational backgrounds. and seem likewise qualified. The first applier shows up early for the interview. He is cautiously dressed in a fashionable black suit.

His overall visual aspect is pleasant as he is good groomed. He shows up 10 proceedingss early and stands patiently waiting in the anteroom for his interview. He appears relaxed. confident. and prepared. As you meet he gives you a steadfast handshaking and gracious smiling. The 2nd applier shows up for the interview right on clip. He is dressed in a voguish suit with a brilliantly colored shirt and bold tie. His hair is somewhat mussy and his Cologne is a spot strong. He sits in the anteroom tapping his pess as he waits. When you approach him to present yourself. he shakes your manus rapidly. You notice that he struggles to maintain oculus contact with you. Sing this scenario. without cognizing anything about how either interview went. who would you believe would be more inclined to be earnestly considered for the occupation? Which individual made the better first feeling before any words were spoken? Who do you believe would be more likely to acquire called back for a 2nd interview? Attire. personal training. organic structure linguistic communication. and attitude all impact professional visual aspect.

Clean. neatly pressed vesture shows that a individual is aware of their visual aspect. Conservative vesture minimizes distractions from the message an person is seeking to pass on to their audience. Care in personal training and hygiene can either draw people toward person and maintain an audience engaged or do them to lose focal point. In respects to a person’s personal training. mussy hair. inordinate make-up. and/or hapless hygiene can pull attending toward these negatives and turn an audience off. In the same manner organic structure linguistic communication can hold a similar impact. For illustration. hapless position. fidgeting. and deficiency of oculus contact can negatively impact visual aspect whereas good position. unagitated demeanour. and good oculus contact can prosecute an audience. Last. attitude besides serves to either attract or distract from an individual’s intended message.

Chaney and Martin stated. “Those who protest the unfairness of measuring person based chiefly on visual aspect would be wise to confront the world that people make judgements of others in less than a minute” ( p. 13 ) . They besides went on to province. “these premises about another individual include educational degree. business. societal and economic position. credibleness. personality. trustiness. and chance of succeeding” ( Chaney & A ; Martin. 2007. p. 13 ) . Appearance can surely impact determination devising. whether by a possible employer. client. or co-worker. In a concern environment. visual aspect can impact non merely a person’s ability to set up a relationship. but it can besides impact their compensation. how good they perform. and how far they advance in their function. This is supported by Chaney and Martin ( 2007 ) “Appearance is besides a footing for finding a person’s get downing salary and for calling advancement” ( p. 13 ) .

Business Dress

Business frock is an of import factor in a person’s professional visual aspect. The concern garb one chooses to have on can be the first feeling that is made and “may follow you indefinitely” ( Casperson. 1999. p. 25 ) . Casperson ( 1999 ) provinces. “Before you speak a word. your apparels have already spoken volumes” ( p. 25 ) . Harmonizing to Bowman ( 2007 ) “Attire is a critical tool in concern that is far excessively frequently overlooked” ( p. 164 ) . This idea is besides supported by Casperson ( 1999 ) when he stated. “You present your professional gloss. competency. and cognition in a few brief seconds. so make full in the spreads with words” ( p. 25 ) . Clearly. concern frock is of import and should non be overlooked. Business garb can be influenced by things like gender. industry. civilization. and work environment. Harmonizing to Casperson ( 1999 ) “Demographics and your peculiar field of concern define the rightness of what you wear to work every twenty-four hours every bit good as what you wear for concern events” ( p. 27 ) .

Even after a individual has determined what is appropriate for their work state of affairs or environment. colour. cloth. and quality of vesture should be taken into consideration ( Chaney & A ; Martin. 2007 ) . The colour one wears is typically the first thing noticed. followed by the cloth and quality. which can show expensive or inexpensive stuff ( Chaney & A ; Martin. 2007 ) . “Business professionals need to be cognizant that vesture can project credibleness and power” harmonizing to Chaney and Martin ( 2007. p. 18 ) . Traditionally. for professional visual aspect work forces and adult females should see a suit ( Bowman. 2007 ) . It should be a dark colour like black. navy blue. or wood coal ( Bowman. 2007 ) . Chaney and Martin ( 2007 ) express this same thought by saying “people who wear darker colourss convey power and authority” ( p. 17 ) . They noted that “Research has found that people who wear suits. whether male or female. are perceived as more professional than those who wear any other type of attire” ( Chaney & A ; Martin. 2007. p. 18 ) .

They besides province. “Quality is an extra facet of concern dress” ( p. 18 ) and “Investing in a few pieces of quality vesture is preferred to holding a big closet of vesture of lesser quality” ( Chaney & A ; Martin. 2007. p. 18 ) . Work force should see white or light bluish shirts or one with power chevrons ( Bowman. 2007 ) and “the shirt arms should be long plenty so that about a half inch extends below the jacket sleeve” ( Chaney & A ; Martin. 2007. p. 19 ) .

However. work forces should avoid have oning short-sleeve frock shirts with suits ( Chaney & A ; Martin. 2007 ) . Another suggestion is to do certain the collar tantrums snuggly around the cervix and doing certain to avoid neckbands that are excessively large ( Bowman. 2007 ) . For adult females. “Your shirt or blouse should non be excessively bulky or formfitting” ( Bowman. 2007. p. 171 ) . Womans should be witting of vesture that may uncover excessively much organic structure ( Casperson. 1999 ) . Bowman ( 2007 ) reiterates this feeling by saying. “The cervix should non uncover cleavage” ( p. 171 ) . Proper concern frock is an of import portion of keeping a good professional visual aspect as garb speaks volumes about an person.

Personal Training

Personal training can direct messages to an audience about an person and is an of import portion of a person’s professional visual aspect. One could presume that people who take pride in their visual aspect take pride in their work. It is possible that people that pay close attending to the inside informations of how they look would pay the same close attending to how their work looks. Grooming is defined as regular attention designed to do a individual neat and attractive ( Merriam-Webster ) . An of import portion of training is personal hygiene. Harmonizing to Pigford ( 2001 ) “Hygiene is the pattern of caring for the organic structure in ways that maintain good health” ( p. 94 ) . He elaborates on this by saying “Hygiene includes attention of your hair. tegument. dentition. and body—all of which are of import facets of your appearance” ( Pigford. 2001. p. 94 ) . Good training and personal hygiene are non merely of import because of the message they send others. but good training and hygiene by and large help people to experience and cheer their best. Peoples tend to exudate assurance when they feel good. which can assist them execute to the best of their ability ( Casperson. 1999 ) .

When it comes to personal visual aspect. one of the first things people notice is a person’s hair ( Pigford. 2001 ) . Some guidelines in respects to personal training is to maintain hair looking. feeling. and smelling clean. Pigford ( 2001 ) suggests “The best thing you can make for your hair—and the most of import advice you can get—is to rinse your hair with a mild shampoo every twenty-four hours. or every bit frequently as necessary” ( p. 95 ) . However. Pigford ( 2001 ) suggests that “For both work forces and adult females. the most of import regulation for concern hairdos is neatness. No affair what manner you choose. you need a good haircut to maintain your hair looking neat” ( p. 104 ) . Just as concern frock is influenced by gender. industry. civilization. and work environment. so excessively are guidelines sing acceptable hairstyling and facial hair. It is of import to cognize and understand the corporate policy where one works sing acceptable hair manners every bit good as facial hair for work forces ( Casperson. 1999 ) . In respects to adult females. make-up is a consideration in preparing and visual aspect.

Chaney and Martin ( 2007 ) believe that “women should maintain make-up to a minimum” ( p. 19 ) . Bowman ( 1999 ) besides agrees that make-up should be kept to a lower limit and goes so far as saying “You do non desire to travel into a concern puting streaked with war paint” ( p. 157 ) . Harmonizing to Pigford ( 2001 ) “The professional businesswoman’s office make-up should heighten her visual aspect ; it should non be deflecting. Wearing the right make-up can give you a cool. professional expression ; have oning excessively much make-up or the incorrect make-up will hold precisely the opposite effect” ( p. 101-102 ) . Aromas should besides be worn meagerly. If you must have on a aroma for work. so merely the lightest aromas would be acceptable ( Bowman. 2007 ) . Harmonizing to Pigford ( 2001 ) “The ground is that most people react strongly to all smells—they either love them or detest them” ( p. 106 ) . If a aroma is to be worn. it is recommended that the aroma be light. non overmastering. and it should non conflict with other olfactory properties ( Bowman. 2007 ) .

Peoples frequently forget about the visual aspect of their custodies and nails. Handss are seen “dozens of times each day—when you shake custodies. when you gesture. and when you point something out. for example” ( Pigford. 2001. p. 104 ) . Given this. nails should be kept neatly trimmed and clean. For adult females. unusual and bright colourss should be avoided. while a Gallic manicure is extremely acceptable ( Chaney & A ; Martin ) . Preparing wonts can function as a distraction if non given the proper attending.

This can surely be true in the instance of hapless hygiene. Steve Jobs. laminitis and former CEO of Apple. provides a good illustration of this. In his early calling. Steve Jobs was said to be a distraction to some of his coworkers because of his unconventional hygiene wonts. He reportedly attempted to populate a really natural life style and ate a vegan diet. It was said that he thought that because of his really natural diet. he did non believe that he needed to utilize deodourant. His coworkers disagreed. He was a bright and productive employee but his unusual hygiene caused injury to his relationships with coworkers and his work environment. He was finally moved to 3rd displacement so that he could go on to work without piquing others in the workplace ( J. Fager. personal communicating. July 15. 2012 ) .

Body Language

Body linguistic communication is another constituent of a person’s professional visual aspect. Body linguistic communication includes position. which can be unfastened or closed. tall or slouched. How a individual carries his or herself can state others if they are unfastened and confident or closed and insecure. Body linguistic communication besides takes into history looks and oculus contact. Messages being sent out by our organic structure are referred to as non-verbal communicating ( Croucher. 2010 ) . Bowden ( 2010 ) reiterates this feeling that “The gestural elements have been found to be peculiarly of import for pass oning the information that forms a receiver’s apprehension of the feelings. attitude. or purpose behind a communication” ( p. 7 ) .

It has been estimated that organic structure linguistic communication communicating histories for 55 per centum. tone of voice 38 per centum. and that verbal communicating merely accounts for 7 per centum of that apprehension ( Bowden. 2010 ) . In other words. 93 per centum of a person’s feelings. attitude. and purpose are received through gestural communicating. non through verbal communicating ( Bowden. 2010 ) . In add-on. if a individual says one thing but their gestural communicating is wholly opposite. people tend to believe the gestural communicating over the verbal communicating ( Croucher. 2010 ) . It is of import to be cognizant of gestural communicating and what you are pass oning to others around you ( Casperson. 1999 ) . There are some basic guidelines to follow to do certain what is being conveyed through organic structure linguistic communication is the same as the message that is being spoken.

First. it is of import to be aware of position. Position can direct a message of assurance and self-assuredness or communicate jitteriness and low self-pride ( Chaney & A ; Martin ) . An person should “walk with grace and ease” ( Casperson. 1999. p. 23 ) . Besides. one must be cognizant of their position when standing every bit good as when sitting. A individual should show an unfastened and relaxed position ( Chaney & A ; Martin ) . One should avoid slumping when either standing or sitting can direct a message that you are lazy. bored. or missing assurance ( Croucher. 2010 ) . Besides. be cognizant of facial looks as they speak volumes about how you feel about yourself. your state of affairs. and your ideas of those you are about ( Bowden. 2010 ) .

For illustration. a rugged forehead can pass on choler or defeat even though a individual may merely be in deep idea ( Bowden. 2010 ) . It is besides of import to pay attending to oculus contact as it is another signifier of gestural communicating. Looking off from person that is talking can bespeak that a individual is uninterested in what is being said. Glancing off from person while you are replying a inquiry can convey dishonesty. Besides. if a individual does non look person in the oculus while talking to them. it can convey that the talker is insecure or non stating the truth ( Langford. 2005 ) .


Professional visual aspect can be impacted by a person’s attitude. One manner attitude can be communicated is through tone of voice. The tone can either function to heighten or interrupt one’s message. Harmonizing to Langford ( 2005 ) “The elements of pitch. gait. and power ( volume. authorization. passion ) can project such qualities as timidness. ill will. assurance. intuition. and collaboration” ( p. 26 ) . Almost everyone has been taught or heard that “it’s non what you say but how you say it” . This can be obviously seeable if one is non cognizant of the tone of their voice. Think of a individual word like “yes” . “no” . or “what” . A individual can state any one of these words in such a manner that it sends a different message. For illustration. each word can be said with either a confident. endangering. peaceable. or defeated tone.

A individual word with little fluctuations in tone can pass on a assortment of messages. Given that gestural communicating tends to outweigh verbal communicating. it could be expected that one’s actions would outweigh one’s words ( Langford. 2005 ) . Attitude is non merely reflected in tone of voice but besides by the behaviour displayed towards others ( Casperson. 1999 ) . In the concern environment. holding and showing a good attitude is of import. Pigford ( 2001 ) summed this up by saying “Having a good attitude means a willingness to work hard. to be ambitious. to be pleasant to others. every bit good as seeking to be gracious and respectful to those with whom you work. ” ( p. 12 ) . A good pattern is to handle others with the same regard you would desire shown to you ( Casperson. 1999 ) . Having a good attitude shows people the consideration you have for them every bit good as for yourself ( Casperson. 1999 ) .


Business frock. personal training. organic structure linguistic communication. and attitude are all of import constituents of professional visual aspect. Each of these typically draws attending from an audience. which either serves to pull attending to a person’s intended message or take away from it. Business frock. personal training. organic structure linguistic communication. and attitude require an individual’s attending to project the right message in order to guarantee that the former is the instance.

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