Case: GAP Incorporated Analyzing the Company’s Marketing Strategy

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What social influences in consumer behavior are likely to have an effect on Gap’s future marketing strategy?

The scope of marketing must not only fall under the circumstance of financial basis itself, but rather on the deeper application premises of the activity.  An illustration of such would surface in a company’s ability to perform social responsibilities and being able to consistently adjust on the intrinsic and extrinsic demands of the society, as well as with keeping track on the challenges laid on the inevitable table of change.

  In the light of Gap’s case, as noted in the company’s history of downfall and tightening, it is evident that the trend and the level of enthusiasm of the society changes. 

With that certain change, GAP must not be stagnant in crafting their ideas as well as the marketing strategies so as to be able to compete with the other rising companies of their genre thus keeping their state of the art reputation.

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  Aside from that, they must carefully assess the performance taken by their company and try to evaluate their strength and weaknesses.  Social influences such as media, and catastrophically resulted incidences must also be taken consideration for GAP to be able to know what they must take over what to leave.

How would you segment the markets for Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy and the new, as yet unnamed chain?

            Consequently, the branching out and the magnificently thought idea of GAP in ‘categorizing’ the fabric commodities that they have is an effective marketing technique to keep their scales on profit on the limelight track.

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  Moreover, given the fact that the society is somehow considered to be that of which is fickle, it is important for a company to think of ‘tricks’ to capture the hearts of the consumers -- establishing a new name, focusing on what ‘trend’ to sell and the idea of consistently shifting on design, but always settling for the fundamentals of ‘trademark’ and society label.

Is it possible to define four distinct target markets for these chains?

            Perceivably, it is possible given the fact that they have ‘different’ marketing staff, respectively. Moreover, it shall give GAP the chance to improve its production level as well as with the evaluation of its employees by conducting ‘healthy competitions’ amongst the four chains.  In such way, they shall be crafting outstanding managerial techniques which shall thoroughly serve of benefit to the company and to the participating body.  Organization management and motivation stresses that ‘motivation’ is a helpful and proficient mean to gradually appraise human resource quality.

How would you identify underserved target markets and unfilled positions Gap?

            Sometimes, the best way to rejuvenate one is to start with ‘scratch’.  Given the fact that Gap experienced a major downfall, it would rather be complicated and messed if the company is to keep the ‘old’ employees which are prudently out from their immediate catch.   Such marketing strategy is a formidable sense, yet, effective in the process of gaining back.  Since that it had been found that mishaps and frauds has occurred in other branches of the company, it is rightful enough to expunge them, and hire new employees fit for the new management and the new trend.  It may sound ambiguous and relentless in some sense, but managers need to know the verity of ‘compromising’ so as to achieve total transformation, leading to success.  Gap’s consideration on the attempt to explore new-fangled methods shall serve them best in the near future.


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Updated: Jun 05, 2020
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