Cartoon of My Childhood: Memories and a Few Words

If, you did not grow up watching Disney fantasy films, what did you watch for most of your childhood life? Great movies like Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and The Little Mermaid, many others were ones that caught my attention as a little girl coming up. To my remember my mother brought me the movies and book on them and use to replay and watch them over and over again. Many children, outlooks and thoughts on gender roles and behaviors has been strengthened by Disney movies.

Most young girls have been given this image and believe their lives will be incomplete without a man to protect them from all hurt harms or dangers. However, Women have consistently felt mediocre compared to men because of society's understanding of them in films. Society has begun to understand its mix-up on making decision about women and capability on being independent by giving them more uplifting roles in a movie.

A movie that does not center the attention so much on the stereotype of women would be "The Beauty and the Beast", directed by Gary Trousdale and Kirk Wise, Disney 1991.

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By viewing the Beauty and the Beast story as a parable of instruction, it becomes clear that Disney version does not degrade the identity of women as present them as worthless, but instead gives us a better understanding of women being independent and beautiful and smart. Beauty and the Beast wanted the audience to understand the significance of the inner beauty and not just the external beauty, but also justifies how gender and inequality through the content and different tunes.

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While Cocteau's teaches that its is human to be closed-minded and to not just look past what is on the outside but to look on the inside of the true beauty. It's true that looks matter on the outside but appearances only go so far for someone who seem attractive. Because when it comes down to it you can look the attractive but have an ugly heart, or you can be not so attractive, but your personality makes up for what's missing outer appearance wise. According to Gary Trousdale, and Kirk Wise, Disney 1991 version of the movie Belle which is known as Beauty, lives with her father who in his particular town is known as a strange man, causing his daughter to also be looked at my other village people a certain way."Although, Belle is a beautiful woman in that town, her name means beauty and it is clearly shown through her appearance and in the movie. But there was a guy also named Gaston who was very courageous, a fighter, but mostly in love with Belle and wanted to marry her. He was well known in that town many would do anything to see him happy, Belle on the other hand doesn't see the same thing in him and think he is a very bad guy, who doesn't know how to love or understands what it means.

However, it appears in the movie that a prince is near by in a castle who wakes up to a knock on his window. Belle offers him a rose for shelter out of the cold. when he doesn't take her offer and the window ends of busting into pieces, later he apologizes for his actions, but things were too late. The curse of the flower turned him into a beast, and cannot be broke until he finds a woman that him for who he is within and not for what he looks like on the outside.

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  • Updated: Feb 23, 2024
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