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The title of the performance I had the pleasure of witnessing was Carmen Suite. Carmen was performed at the Fine arts Hall at Santa Fe on November 9, 2019. Going into this play I already had background knowledge on the ballet itself, so it was easy for me to pick everything up.

Alberto Alonso created this piece for his wife, Maya Plisetskaya. Maya was a premiere ballerina. I knew the tone was going to be meaningful going into that and it was just that.

The audience seemed so ingulphed by this ballet and I was also.

Carmen Suite included The New York dance projects "sunrise," and that is what opened the show. After the opening I was incomposed by the dancing of Carmen, Don Jose, Toreo- who was the bull fighter. In the opening of the play we are welcomed by Carmen, a gypsy women. She was the only one on stage at the time. The spotlight was set on her. All the attention was on Carmen.

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Carmen sprung across the stage at ease, without a care in the world. The tone of the music gave it away by high notes of coming from the violins. The violins gave Carmen a spring in her steps. It made me excited to watch because Carmen came out very happy and will powered. Carmen kicks her leg out many times giving her the look of grace. Carmen stays on her toes, quite a bit and then directly going with the flow of music and hitting a turn or leap on the note.

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Carmen is

showing off in a sense for what is about to come out. Later in the piece I felt a connection with Carmen, being caught between two things and not knowing what to do. Carmen uses her free spirt to encompass how she feels towards her alter ego and Toreo. Carmen Leaves the stage and her alter ego Don jose comes out. The music goes from upbeat to mysterious. Don Jose springs out and is dancing with ease.

The lighting seemed darker when Don Jose came out. The dancer was dressed in all black giving it a faint meaning of Carmens not so good alter ego. Knowing background knowledge on Don Jose, he gives Carmens fortune using a deck of cards. Don joses rushes across the stage in a hurry. Another dancer joins him matching every single move in a duet. The man who rushes on to the stage is the bull fighter.

Later on Don Jose and the bull fighter or together again. The bull fighter is trying to prove something towards Don Jose. The bull fighter does multiple piorettes with ease trying to show off. Toreo the bull fighter was seen with Carmens alter ego. Don jose disappears and Carmen steps in. Carmens attitude and dancing towards Toreo seemed childlike and flirtatious in a way.

Carmen and Toreo didn't move in a pattern but were a duet. Carmen seemed to be drawn towards Toreo in a curious pattern while Toreo stayed off to the side doing his own thing. The overall tone in music changes to upbeat again. Toreo sits there as Carmen is trying to impress him. After Toreo watched Carmen for a bit, he is drawn in by her and starts to dance and move towards her.

Gliding his feet with every move she does, pulled in by her grace. The spotlight is then on Carmen as she Pirouettes and lunges towards him. After a trio comes out dancing synchronized. Carmen and Toreo are on the stage again. The spotlight is on them. Carmen is

dipped by Toreo and he is so drawn to her eyes and every action she does. Carmen wraps her leg around him seeming to be in a love like matter. Toreo is then on the stage alone. Toreo dancing with ease and seems to be broken up by the tone of the music that changed.

Toreo seems to feel alone and not loved by the rythym he gives the audience. With doing a report on Albert Alonso then witnessing his work it gave me great pleasure. The ballet Carmen was about a gypsy women who is passionate and driven while giving way for her temperamental alter ego.

Carmen is caught in a love triangle, ultimately between herself and the bullfighter. The bullfighter shows justice and will towards Carmen in a loving way. Carmen is drawn towards her Alter ego in more ways then one and it was really shown in this ballet.

Updated: May 19, 2021

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