Chicago Research Paper Example

The Chicago Manual of Style which is used most often by historians is probably the most flexible format to use. It was developed in 1906 by The University of Chicago.

Press is still used often today. Like APA and MLA formats, the text must be double spaced. The title page should look something like this:

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Make sure to note the margins are slightly different from the MLA and APA styles. The top margin is only 1/2 inch. Everything on the title page should be double spaced just like the rest of the research paper. Include the name of the institution or university toward the top middle. Then, in the middle of the page, centered, put the title of the paper. On the next line, you should put the title and name of the course that you are writing this research paper in. The next two lines are the date, and your name, respectively.

The next pages (in order) should be the text page where the entirety of the research is layed out, the endnotes where sources are cited, appendixes, tables, figure captions, and figures. The most recent edition of the Chicago Manual of Style allows the use of MLA or APA in-text citations instead of Chicago-style. The endnotes or footnotes must be by the Chicago style and should look like this:

If you are having difficulty with the details of the format, or want to make sure that you are 100% accurate with the formatting, you will want a copy of the Chicago Manual of Style. I would recommend having the manual as it will be something that you will keep and use often.