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As a student, you often make lists for academic or social purposes. Arranging lists in any particular order is made easier with our alphabetizer tool. If you need to arrange figures, alphabetize word lists, or any other batch of content, then this is exactly what you need. The tool is easy to use and does not require sign-ups or subscriptions. It is free. You can arrange contents alphabetically in French, German, and Spanish languages. This tool could come in handy during research work that involves a lot of information and when writing thesis or dissertations.

Features of Our Alphabetizer

The alphabetizer tool has some unique features to make sorting easy. You can perform several functions on any range of data or text using these features on our list alphabetizer.

You can alphabetize separate lists simultaneously. Our tool makes it possible to arrange different lists under different categories simultaneously. You just need to mark each category with any input format, and the alphabetizer will arrange each of the lists to your preference.

You can also alphabetize your contents using any common data. For example, you can arrange your lists based on the alphabetical order of first names or by numerical order of respective ages. This feature makes it possible to arrange biodata using any information common to all.

You can remove duplicates on your lists using this tool. Suppose you have generated a rather long list that would be too demanding to go through manually and are concerned about duplicates. In that case, you can use our alphabetizer to sort the list and remove any duplicates found.

Steps To Use Our Alphabetizer

Our alphabetizer organizer is pretty easy to use. Once you paste your content into the text box, you can fine-tune the settings to sort out the content just the way you need it. Our tool sorts out your content in the standard order alphabetically (A-Z) or numerically (0-9). You can also run it in the reverse mode sorting from Z-A and 9-0.

Then you set your input format options. This is the format the AI uses to know which set of content to sort. Available format options include using a blank space, a comma or a semicolon. You can also input a custom separator for the texts. Once these are done, tap on the ‘alphabetize your text’ button to have your content sorted within seconds.

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