Advantages And Disadvantages Of Paddy Processing Mill Production Process

Firstly, the advantages of PLS Marketing (M) Sdn Bhd paddy processing mill production process. The name of this technology process is called as Auto Rice Milling Process. This technology consists of 9 processes steps which are the boiler, blower, storage, rice huller machine, paddy separator, rice polisher machine, rice grading machine, destoner machine, color sorter. Nowadays, this technology had been highly demanded mainly because that they have many advantages, such as optimum performance, low power consumption, low noise, efficiency and durability, high output rate, corrosion resistance, and long service life.

The feature of the rice milling is perfect in performance, high efficiency easy to operate and convenient for maintenance.

On the other hand, the disadvantages of paddy processing mill production process are as follow. Firstly, the milling technology process that use in the company all are in computerized system. The whole milling technology cost are very expensive. As milling cutters cost high, the investment for procuring tools is more. For examples, the rubber roller rice huller machine, the rubber-roller huller is the most efficient hulling machine.

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As the name suggests two rubber rollers of the same diameter are operated at different speeds to remove the husk from the paddy. However, once the machine malfunction, the maintenance for the rubber rollers are high. The cost for the huller machines is high too. Hence, the machine must have carefully take care to prevent any malfunction and does not delay the processing time.

Other than that, the milling technology that use by the company acquired a big space to operate it.

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It has 9 steps of the process; each process consists a machine to operate it. The machine are quite large and heavy to stay it. Hence, if the company did not have big space or place to put the machine, this technology process is not suit for them to purchase.

Lastly, insufficient of the qualified workers and experienced staffs is the second disadvantages for the factory. As we know that, the works that need to done to plant paddy acquired lot of steps and need to use labor force work under the sun. The work is like not suit for the nowadays teenagers. The new generations are more likely to work in the comfortable environment or have the higher level of education. Moreover, the technology process that using in the company need a group of experiences workers to handle the operating process. Hence, there are only left the elderly qualified workers and experienced staffs in the company, to cultivate the new generation it will take a lot of time and cost. The milling process are take skills to use accurately.

In a nutshell, PLS company production process mostly fall on disadvantages for their cost and maintenance of the machines and also lack of the qualified workers or experienced staffs and do not have much advance technology for their factory production.

Updated: Feb 02, 2024
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