About Book All The Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr

In this book All The Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr, there is a significant struggle of people being thrown into concentration camps and a strong hatred that can make some people think that they are not worth anything. Werner and Marie-Laurie are the light through it all because the love they have for each other is greater than anything people can put them through. If you get down to your lowest point and you think there is no return there definitely is and you can ride the storm out for the great outcome to come.

This simply tells anyone that is in a bad situation do no break down or back down or think your done living you have to keep going or you’ll never see the bright side you would miss.

There is quote that Werner made reference to the thesis I have given it says, “ The brain locked in total darkness, of course. It floats in clear liquid inside the skull, never in the light.

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And yet in the world it constructs full of light. So children how does the brain without a spark bring us a world full of light.”

This is saying that your ind in the dark and in the bad and negative thoughts but it could be out of that in the light and goodness. This relates because he is talking about all the kids he is seeing working in a Nazi environment and the kids can get away from that mindset and thinking.

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This proves my thesis because it is a factual statement that proves even though there is a lot of darkness that goes around in the mind there is a part that come to light that everyone has the potential to reach you just have to get to it.

Taking in account scenarios from the book where this applies this can be seen when Werner first sees Marie- Laurie and he could have taken her in and thrown her into a concentration camp but they ended up finding light and liking each other. Instead of seeing it as I’m follwing the Nazi’s I can just take her in and I will be doing my job properly and they will like me more he saw just a girl who had done nothing to him and was innocent and would not hurt a soul and did not even think about making that action. There is always going to be a light outside of the dark anytime and this is a very true statement. Even Marie- Laurie wa starting to think that there was just too many downsides and falls she was reassured with the hope that she know she had in her.

Another quote that proves my thesis is people will not think you have value and “say that you are no one and from nowhere, and you should not have huge dreams but you I believe in you” said by Frau Elena. This show that you can be down and ready to be done and give up but all you need is one to bring your spirit back. You can be in such a dark and sorrowed place that you’re down but you can come back with the belief of one stronger. You can be able to see that hope and light at the end and know that it is no over. She was saying this to Marie-Laurie because she didn’t know what to do with her father being taken and losing Werner. Frau Elena said just because all of this has happened and you have been through so much lately doesn’t mean your over and have to give up you still have a life ahead. 

Updated: Aug 17, 2022
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