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A.M1 Assess the relationship a

A.M1 Assess the relationship and communication with stakeholders of two contrasting businesses using independent research.

Tesco’s stakeholders:
The customers are one of the main key stakeholders of Tesco which have a major role on Tesco. Tesco have to maintain a good and healthy relationship with customers to keep them satisfied in order for them to keep shopping with Tesco’s to influence them to keep purchasing more products and services from them. Tesco would have to engage with customers through communication in a professional polite orderly manner with customers shopping with Tesco to reflect how Tesco upholds a high standards in their reputation.

Employees would only have a relation with the managers, colleagues and the customers. They would have to communicate with customers in a professional polite and orderly manner to make the customer satisfied. With their colleagues they would have to communicate and try to help each other out too achieve to maintain the productivity and performance to an adequate standard and level.

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They would also have to follow instructions from their managers and speak in a professional working manner and complete the task managers set with their employment contract.

Managers would report to the HR department communicate with employees and deal with the customers issues. The manager have to make sure they are achieving their target and ensure they are ensuring the customer relation and employee relations are kept up to an adequate standard. They would have to maintain a happy working relationship with employees in order for Tesco’s task to be done efficiently and effectively because if managers have bad relationships this could cause a decline in Tesco’s productivity because the employees may be unsatisfied with managers and may affect the performance of employees.

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They have to report to the HR department of any issues and inform them of recruitments and dismissals.

Tesco have to maintain a good relationship with suppliers in order to make sure they can buy products at a cheaper bulk price and to gain more credibility. For example, if the supplies do not arrive on time the finished goods may not be ready for shipping to customers. Suppliers can also change credit terms which may have cash flow issues for Tesco and they could decide whether or not to allow discounts for bulk orders or loyal customers. They would speak on a regular basis for a long period of time to maintain the expectations of scheduled timings to ensure everything homes on in on time at top quality for a cheap price.

The Government can influence a Tesco by introducing new laws that can affect operations which would limit their operations and put restrictions on, such as the National Minimum Wage causing them to pay workers more, or they can raise Corporation Tax which would eat into Tesco’s profits however in they lover corporation tax the less tax they would have to pay and the more profit they can keep them to maintain for longer and use to expand and grow and put towards other opportunities. The government has to ensure Tesco is following the correct legal procedure and are not breaking laws.

Competitors would have a competitive relationship against Tesco by competing to provide better quality service and product for cheaper prices. The competitor’s aims would be to drive Tesco’s customers away from them and take them for themselves to help contribute to maximise their profits. They would be competing against Tesco to get more customers to gain profits and sales revenue and hope for closure on Tesco.

Oxfam’s stakeholders:
Customers have an impact because they are trying to see what customers like and what they don’t like so they can increase their sales revenue by making customers to purchase more items so they can make more profit so it can be donated to fight poverty.

The employees are proud for working for Oxfam. The employees will have a more positive attitude towards customers this would then lead to better customer service increasing the reputation of Oxfam attract more new customers and existing customers may continue to carrying on shopping with Oxfam. Therefore the more customers that are buying products from Oxfam the more profits that will be donated to support the causes of sufferings in countries suffering from poverty.

Local Community will have a positive relationship with Oxfam as they are an organisation. They will also be participant’s part of promoting the charity organisation and will be part of the support of the organisation.

Volunteers would have help out in the in the shops. They would take part in events, campaigns and fundraise to help raise money for the poor people suffering from poverty which would help make a major contribution of donations. They would communicate with people convincing people to show support for Oxfam and how they could help and join Oxfam by taking part in events. The volunteers would not have to communicate be forced to communicate in a formal manner. However they would have be polite to people who would have an interest and to the general public.

The partnerships would meet up like the local project allies and the campaigning allies to understand the issues and how to deal to make it better. They would also think about how to promote and advertise Oxfam on how to reach a large scale of audience to attract people to take part as a volunteer to raise money or to convince people to donate money.

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