When entering universities, a personal essay is one of the most important parts of the application. The admissions committee examines in detail all the essays and draws on them the conclusion about whether or not the student really should study at this university. An essay is a creative task; therefore there is no unequivocally correct way of doing it, and nevertheless, there are certain rules and recommendations.

What is a Personal Essay?

Writing an essay is the most creative task for admission. With its help, applicants demonstrate the ability to correctly express their thoughts on paper. Written work should convince the admissions committee that its author is an outstanding personality. Using the essay colleges and universities try to find out the motivation of each candidate for study and understand how getting a diploma can affect their future career. Essays are written on a given topic. It, as a rule, concerns the life values and career plans of the entrants and can touch the following questions:

  • “What is the most valuable thing in life for you?”
  • “Why do you want to study at this business school?”
  • “How do you propose to develop professionally after studying?”

A successful essay gives the candidate a chance to stand out among the entrants, to attract the attention of the admissions committee. Even if the applicant does not have a very high score, a good essay can tip the scales in his direction. An unsuccessful composition, on the contrary, can become an insurmountable barrier to admission. The recipe for a good composition is to add a highlight to your writing that will allow you to intrigue members of the admissions committee and cause them to wish to get acquainted personally with the author.

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How to Start a Personal Essay

Most essays are written in a standard way, but this does not simplify the task. Most often, problems arise with a start. Many candidates go in cycles in the first sentence. How to start it? Try to leave a beginning for later. You do not have to write essays strictly in order from the first sentence to the last. It is allowed to start with any part.

Personal Essay Examples

The best way to write an essay is to make a list of the main points, and develop thoughts around them. What makes you special? Since this work is your chance to show the admissions committee all of your advantages, you can start with what distinguishes you from the other candidates, or you can start talking about the experience that has become a turning point in your life. You can be guided by the following questions in deciding on how to write a personal essay for college application/graduate school:

  • Why did you become interested in this discipline?
  • When did you realize that you want to study on this program?
  • What was the greatest motivation for such a decision?

Do not try to write a ready-made essay immediately. You should concentrate on the writing process, not on the finished result. Write everything that you think is necessary and relevant, and then you can re-read everything and leave the necessary basic ideas, correctly having issued them. Some candidates even write several versions of the essay in order to choose the most successful.

How to Write an Essay on a Personal Experience

You must be sure that the essay reveals all your strengths. Sometimes it is very difficult to talk about yourself because we are always taught that it is modesty that colors the person. But not in a situation when it comes to entering your dream program! Do not be afraid to boast a little, if what you write about yourself is true. Your goal is to impress and inspire the reader.

However, do not impersonate another student. Members of the admission committee know well that there are no ideal students, so if your essay shows that you are a talented athlete with impeccable grades in all the sciences and months of volunteer work, the examiners will quickly conclude that you are describing your dreams but not a reality.

How to Write a Personal Memoir Essay

The first advice is to be honest with yourself and the commission. The second one is to present your failures in a favorable light. Do not dwell in detail on what you felt when you failed; it would be better to tell more about what you’ve learned and what made you make another attempt, reconsider your views and so on.

What are the Three Basic Components of a Personal Essay?

The order of writing an essay is usually reduced to three steps: the introduction paragraph, the body, and the concluding paragraph.

A well-written introduction makes the reader become interested and read the essay to the end. The introductory part can contain the formulation of the problem and its essence, a rhetorical question, a quotation, etc. It is important to create a special emotional mood in it.

In the main part, you can bring different points of view on the issue under consideration, touch upon the history of the issue. Usually, the main part consists of several sub-items, each of which consists of three sections: a thesis (the proposition to be proved), the justification (the arguments used to prove the thesis), and a subpoena (partial answer to the main question).

In conclusion, all the outcomes drawn for each thesis presented in the main part are combined. The reader should arrive at a logical conclusion based on the arguments given. In conclusion, the problem is re-introduced, and the final outcome is drawn. If the goal of the introductory part is to interest the reader, then the goal of the last sentences is to add integrity to the overall picture, leave the work in the reader’s memory and nudge on the reflections.