Zoos are Prisons for Animals

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Although wild animals have been detained for thousands of years, the first modern zoo opened in 1763 in Paris, France. When people became more interested in science and natural history, zoos functioned as a way to show and study animals. Today, zoos offer opportunities for public education and entertainment, as well as scientific research and conservation.

But the question is why do we take them for their own purposes. Here are some of my points about why we should not have the zoo:

The zoo does not provide natural habitats, and it puts unnecessary on animals: Because animal welfare is dependent on its environment, some argue that zoos do not provide healthy habitats for animals.

Encapsulations, even when designed to mimic an animal’s natural habitat, are still not quite natural. And Zoo can’t really give the space that big animals, like elephants, usually use. Partly because of unnatural enclosures, animals in zoos are stressed. Animals are often bored and as a consequence, they can be aggressive and can challenge other animals or keepers or even the guest.

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Animals kept in a zoo are not educational: Animals in the zoo cannot be seen as wild animals because they are no longer in their natural state. One of the main reasons why people go to zoos is to learn about the game, but what do they learn if the animals do what they have been trained to do, instead of what they would normally do if they were out in the wild.

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They take the wild out of them and turn them into a kind of pet.

They lost their natural instincts: When an animal is used to serve its meal, we expect it to be able to hunt. Animals in the zoo cannot look for the food, as it is always handed over to them. If the animals ever return to nature under any circumstances, they would not be able to hunt and perhaps end up being killed by starvation.

But some points, you can address why we should have Zoo:

Simply threatened than when in a zoo: Animals are likely to be extinct in the wild than in the zoo, as they are protected in the zoo, but in the wild, they may come under severe threat of hunters, diseases, and even climate change.

Facing Argument

Most of the causes listed above for the cause of the eradication of the wild animals are made by man. if we take care of nature we are surrounded by closing public contributions that damage nature and changing how we look at nature, we might not have eradication problems and would not have to put all animals in a zoo.

In conclusion, animals also live things, during the capture they can lose their love and after losing their lives they lose their freedom and can get stuck there forever, which is basically a lifelong prison for them and an entertaining way for us.

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Zoos are Prisons for Animals

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